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SAXoTECH announces new online Display Ad Insert Module Print E-mail
Publicus add-on module gives customers economical way to 'up-sell' display ads for the Web
SAXoTECH, a leading supplier of content management and online production systems for media companies, announces the availability of a new Add-On Module for the Publicus Online Publishing System. The Display Ad Insert Module allows the Customer to "up-sell" display advertising that appeared in a printed publication as a special type of premium banner advertising on a Publicus Web site.

Also sometimes referred to as "Wow" ads, these display ad inserts typically see much higher click-through rates than standard banner advertising - sometimes as high three or four times the national average.

"The early results from our beta site customers is very positive," said Mark Prokosch, President of SAXoTECH, Inc. "They are seeing very high click-through rates and their advertising customers seem pleased. This new module is just one more way we are helping our customers grow their New Media operations."

The module was first introduced into live Web site production at The Ledger (Lakeland, Fla.), in early December 2002. The Ledger has used the Display Ad Inserts Module to add a special "gift guide" section to their Web site. The gift guide can be seen at:


The Display Ad Inserts Module provides tools for easily moving a display ad that ran in print to the newspaper's Web site and have the ads automatically served and displayed in select ad locations, or as part of a special advertising section.

The newspaper could choose to offer this "up-sell" as an exclusive ad product available only to its most important print advertisers.

The Display Ad Insert Module is an add-on to the Classified Advertising Module for Publicus. It is now available to all new and existing Publicus customers.

For more information about the Display Ad Insert Module, or Publicus in general, please contact a SAXoTECH sales professional.


SAXoTECH develops and markets productivity software solutions to the media industry. The company's products include the cross-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System for editorial print production, and the Publicus Online Publishing System for automated Internet publishing. The company's headquarters are situated in Aalborg, Denmark, with branches throughout the other Scandinavian countries. The group has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States that serves the North American market. Today, SAXoTECH has more than 160 customers in Scandinavia and the US.