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SAXoTECH developing cross-media production system based on Adobe InDesign 2.0 Print E-mail
SAXoTECH A/S today announced that it will integrate Adober InDesignr 2.0 and InCopyr 2.0 into the next release of its cross-media production system.

"InDesign and InCopy are natural choices to be integrated into SAXoTECH's newest publishing system," said Mark Hilton, director of Cross-Media Publishing at Adobe. "Together with InDesign, we see InCopy's XML capabilities and its open architecture driving the future of newspaper editing and publishing."

SAXoTECH is integrating InDesign, Adobe's award-winning layout and design software, and Adobe InCopy 2.0, a professional copy editor tightly integrated with InDesign, into the next release of its SAXoPRESS Publishing System.

"InDesign is a next-generation layout and design application developed specifically for creative professionals," said SAXoTECH VP of Product Development Carsten Hansen. "InCopy is a collaborative editing solution designed to streamline copy editing and optimize efficiency in publishing workflows. When used together, InDesign and InCopy provide superior typographic capabilities that automatically handle text spacing, justification, copy-fitting and hyphenation resulting in faster page design and better looking newspapers."

By integrating InDesign and InCopy with SAXoTECH's XML-based, cross-media production environment, SAXoTECH can offer its customers a more flexible and productive solution.

"Users of SAXoPRESS R6 will be able to create content once, and easily publish it in almost any format," said Hansen.

Hansen believes that InDesign's open, modular architecture, combined with its powerful design and layout capabilities make it a natural choice for newspapers, "Customers in North America and Scandinavia are asking for InDesign, and SAXoTECH will soon deliver it," he said.

SAXoPRESS R6, slated for release in 2003, will include support for creating pages with InDesign 2.0 and editing text using InCopy 2.0. Customers will be able to choose between InDesign running on either Mac OS, including native support for OS X, or Windows computers.

"For SAXoPRESS R6, we have modified the text tagging and markup language at the heart of SAXoPRESS to an XML-based system," said Hansen. "This makes cross-media page composition using our shapes library more flexible. It also gives us the ability to more easily integrate InDesign into the system."


SAXoTECH develops and markets productivity software solutions to the media industry. The company's products include the cross-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System for editorial print production, and the Publicus Online Publishing System for automated Internet publishing. The company's headquarters are situated in Aalborg, Denmark, with branches throughout the other Scandinavian countries. The group has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States that serves the North American market. Today, SAXoTECH has more than 160 customers in Scandinavia and the North America.