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SAXoTECH sells SAXoPRESS, Publicus to Sumter, S.C., daily Print E-mail
'The Item' buys complete, cross-media publishing solution
The Item, a daily newspaper published in Sumter, S.C., has purchased the complete SAXoPRESS Content Management System and the complete Publicus Online Publishing System to help them produce both the print and online editions of their publications.

"We didn't come to this decision lightly," said Chip Chase, Managing Editor at The Item. "As an journalist, my first concern was how intimidating a new system would be to our newsroom personnel. One look at the product and those worries disappeared."

"The fact that SAXoPRESS is a cross-platform system was always a selling point to me," Chase continued. "And with Publicus and SAXoTECH's integrated SAXoBRS Archive System, not only will our current needs be met, but also our needs down the road. It's going to give us so many more opportunities. Even our tech guys are excited about the power of the software."

The print and online employees of The Item and The Messenger (a semi-weekly publication in Hartsville, S.C.) will use one SAXoPRESS system to write, edit and produce all of their print and online products. The Publicus system will help automate the production of the company's two Web sites:


SAXoTECH, Inc., announced the sale of the 30-seat system, which will include the following components of SAXoPRESS and Publicus:

SAXoPRESS Content Management System R5

  • Base SAXoPRESS System includes the Articles Module, SAXoTEXT text editor, Wire Articles and Wire Photos modules, Local Photos Module, Layout Module and QuarkXPress Xtensions
  • QuarkCopyDesk SE integration allows copy editors and reporters to write and edit content to precisely fit the QuarkXPress layouts
  • SAXoTECH's Automatic Image Processor software will automate the process of preparing images for print and Web output
  • The SAXoBRS Archiving System will allow The Item to archive all of their published text, images and pages in one central, indexed repository

Publicus Online Publishing System R5

  • Base Publicus System will integrate the company's news operations into the process of building online publications
  • Query Module will allow The Item to easily publish online polls and contests throughout their Web site
  • Security Module will allow The Item to restrict access to certain parts of its site to paid subscribers or registered users
  • Online Advertising System gives the company a comprehensive classified and banner ad solution for their online products
  • E-Commerce Module will allow the sale of goods and services on the company's Web sites

The solution

SAXoPRESS and Publicus will be integrated with The Item's Mactive AdBase system.

"I am very excited that The Item has chosen to integrate both of our major products (SAXoPRESS and Publicus) into a complete cross-media solution," said David Quackenbush, Customer Fulfillment Representative at SAXoTECH, Inc. "They will also be the first American location to use our QuarkCopyDesk SE integration. This is an important new customer for SAXoTECH in many ways."

All of the editorial departments in The Item's Sumter, S.C., office will be converted to SAXoPRESS and Publicus this fall.

The Item's SAXoPRESS system will be a mixed Mac OS and Windows 2000 solution. It will be staged on Windows 2000 servers running an Oracle8i database, with a mix of Mac OS and Windows 2000 reporting, editing and pagination workstations.

The Item's Publicus system will be hosted and managed by SAXoTECH at its North American datacenter in Reston, Va.

About The Item

At nearly 108 years, the Osteen family's connection to The Item is believed to be among the longest continuous family associations in the country. That long-running association has helped The Item build a stellar reputation in not only South Carolina, but in the Southeast as well. Osteen Publishing Company also owns The Messenger, a semi-weekly newspaper in Hartsville, S.C., and S.C. Net Solutions, a Web development company located at the company's headquarters in Sumter.


SAXoTECH is a leading editorial system supplier in Scandinavia and North America. We create systems that enable media companies to create, edit, manage, and publish news content anywhere they choose -- in print and online. The SAXoPRESS Content Management System, is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for newspaper and magazine publishing. The Publicus Online Publishing System is an open, dynamic, database-driven Web production and portal-building solution.