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Media Group Purchases Editorial System From SAXOTECH Print E-mail
Aller International A/S seeks to streamline the editorial production with the SAXoPRESS Content Management System
SAXOTECH, the leading supplier of editorial software for the Scandinavian media industry, announced today that Aller International A/S has signed an agreement to purchase a complete SAXoPRESS Content Management System (Ed. note - currently called SAXOTECH Editorial) for the production of all the editorial content for six of the media company's trade publications.

SAXoPRESS will be installed at the following publications:
  • Licitationen
  • Mester Tidende
  • Transportmagasinet
  • Jern & Maskinindustrien
  • Motormagasinet Dansk og svensk
  • Nyhedsinformation

The contract with Aller International covers a complete SAXoPRESS content management system including layout tools and QuarkCopyDesk SE integration. The solution will be the first installation with QuarkCopyDesk SE integration in Denmark.

The Aller system will run on Mac OS clients, with a total of 50 editorial users from the six publications. The contract also includes training and support.

SAXoPRESS will enable the Aller publications to gain a closer integration of its employees throughout the entire editorial production flow. From idea, to completed page, the newsroom users will be able to base their production on layout-driven principles.

SAXOTECH's unique QuarkCopyDesk integration, which is the only solution in the world handling images in QuarkCopyDesk, will give the journalists 100 percent write-to-fit and 100 percent WYSIWYG functionality, while writing the article - without opening the QuarkXPress page.

The SAXoPRESS CMS implementation will begin in April and it is expected to be completed on May 27, 2002.


SAXOTECH is a leading supplier of editorial solutions in Scandinavia and North America. We develop systems that allow media companies to create, edit, process, and publish news content -- in both print and online formats. The SAXoPRESS Content Management System is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for newspaper and magazine publishing. SAXOTECH's online solution, Publicus Online Publishing System, is an open, dynamic, database driven web production and portal solution.