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SAXOTECH Launches Three New Publicus Sites in 24 Hours Print E-mail
New sites include first customer in Poland, and first city government site
SAXOTECH, a leading supplier of content management and online production systems for media companies in Scandinavia and North America, is pleased to announce that recently, three new very different sites on the World Wide Web were successfully launched in one 24 hour period using SAXOTECH's Publicus Online Production System.

"The weeks leading up to the launch were incredibly hectic for all those involved," said Joakim Janoy, Chief Consulting Officer for SAXOTECH Norway. "But the success of the implementations proves that both the system and the organization can handle these kinds of challenges. And it's been quit fun as well, much because of the good relations and feedback from the customers in the project period."

All three sites are powered by the Publicus Base System. Each customer is using a different combination of Add-On Modules. Janoy said that all three sites had been well received by their owners and by their readers.

"Choosing Publicus as our content management system has given us a unique opportunity to compete in a very tough market," said Jesper Berg, Web Editor of weekend-nu.dk. "Our experience in web publishing and in operating a newspaper on the internet have shown us the value of choosing a competent and highly skilled technical partner. We think SAXoTECH is such a partner. And most importantly -- so do all our users."

The three new sites were:


This is the first of 12 new Publicus sites scheduled to come online over the next few months in Poland. It went live on Friday, Aug. 31.

"This has been an exciting project since Poland uses another character set than the Nordic Countries and the United States, but we have found a way to handle this," said Janoy. "So now Publicus can handle nearly any language."


This is a new weekly newspaper in Denmark. It also made its debut on Friday, Aug. 31.

"The exiting thing about this new customer is that they also launched their first print edition on the same day, and this is the first "new" newspaper to be published in Denmark in over 30 years," said Janoy.


On the same day in Denmark, the small town of Hals in the northern part of the country went live with a new Web site created using Publicus.

"This is the first time Publicus has been used to produce a government site," said Janoy. "We think the success of this project will open up new possibilities for small government sites to easily publish their content to the public using our software."


SAXOTECH A/S develops the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated software solutions for editorial print and online publishing. The Publicus Online
Publishing is the company's Internet production and portal solution.