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New versions of SAXoPRESS, Publicus to be shown at Seybold SF 2001 Print E-mail
Upgrades add asset management, improve workflow efficiency
The upgrade to the company's flagship cross-media editorial system, labeled SAXoPRESS R5, will include several major enhancements, including:

QuarkCopyDesk SE Integration: The QuarkCopyDesk SE text editor will be integrated into SAXoPRESS, giving customers the ability to do true WYSIWYG write-to-fit editing. SAXoTECH's QuarkCopyDesk SE integration will also include several enhancements to the editing environment, including the ability to work with SAXoPRESS formats (shapes library), Internet publishing tags and the Tansa Proofing System.
Asset Management Module: Users will be able to store and manage any type of file in the SAXoPRESS system, including word processing documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia assets (video and audio). From the SAXoPRESS database, they will be able to track the progress of these documents in their workflow, attach them to other objects in the system and edit them in the applications used to create them. Users will also be able to publish multimedia objects directly to World Wide Web sites from the system.
Planning Module: A major upgrade to the Planning Module will present a completely revised set of functions and a new user interface for creating and tracking calendar items, tasks, contacts and resources.

SAXoPRESS R5 will go into customer beta testing this fall, and is expected to be completed and released in early 2002.


The next major upgrade of the company's dynamic, database-driven Internet content management and production system, labeled Publicus R5, will include the following major new features:

Asset Management (included in the Base System): Users will now be able to upload and store any type of file in the Publicus system, including Adobe AcrobatT PDF files, spreadsheet files, shareware applications, downloadable media, etc. Web designers will be able to create asset templates that define how each type of file is to be handled by the system, and users will be able to organize them and attach these objects like any other objects in the database.
Print Advertising Production Module: A new Add-On Module for Publicus that helps print publishers automate the creation and proofreading of high-resolution display advertising using Internet technologies. The display ads are based on QuarkXPressT templates that the publisher creates for the advertising customer (this works very well for customers that run a series of ads where only certain specific information changes from issue to issue). The advertiser can then securely log into a Publicus Web site, type in the new information and upload any new images. Publicus will then place the updated information into the ad template and produce a PDF proof for the customer. When the customer is happy with the ad, they can mark it as "accepted" and the system will generate a high-resolution EPS file and save it on the publisher's local area network for print production.
Net Guest Module: A new Add-On Module for Publicus that allows publishers to easily create online interviews of celebrities or local officials. Using Web browser forms, Web site visitors can submit questions to the celebrity, the celebrity can decide which question to answer, type in a response, and the responses can be posted immediately.
User Interface Enhancements (included in the Base System): A major upgrade to all of the Web browser-based editing, management, and maintenance interfaces makes Publicus more user friendly.
Zoning Extension (an extension to the Taxonomy and Profiling Module): Provides an easy way to tag content and publish it online for users that have declared themselves to be from a particular geographic location or part of a particular demographic group.

Publicus R5 is available now.

It is important to note that the Asset Management Module in SAXoPRESS R5 and the asset management features of the Publicus R5 Base System will be fully integrated, allowing customers that have both systems to easily create and manage any asset files in SAXoPRESS, and then seamlessly publish them on the Internet using Publicus.

To see demonstrations of SAXoPRESS and Publicus, please stop by booth 1245 at Seybold San Francisco 2001.