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Orkla Press Polska buys complete system for online publishing needs
SAXOTECH A/S, a leading supplier of editorial systems in Scandinavia, announces that Orkla Press Polska has signed a contract to purchase the Publicus Online Publishing System for 12 regional newspapers in Poland.

Orkla Press Polska is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian media group Orkla Press AS. The group's share of the Polish newspaper market is as much as 23 percent of the total circulation with a growth rate last year of four percent. The agreement covers the use of Publicus for the company's regional newspapers, with a total paper circulation of 400,000.

"We did consider other Web solutions, but according to our selection criteria Publicus outranked the other systems," said Sanjeev Chaudhary, Manager of OrklaNet.

Chaudhary pointed to several major factors that influenced their decision, including:

  • The user friendliness of the system
  • The possibility of publishing information in different formats (WAP, SMS,video, audio, etc.)
  • The speed of Publicus
  • The modular structure of the system

"The process with Orkla Press has been good from the very beginning, and the customer has set great store by the fact that we have a complete Internet publishing system that has been thoroughly tested in several countries," said Baard Mo, market manager at SAXOTECH A/S. "They also stressed the importance of our being able to assist them in connection with building a central Publicus operation center in Poland."

The Orkla Press Polska contract includes the Publicus Base System, as well as the following Add-On Modules:

  • Publicus Query Module (polling and competitions)
  • Publicus Agenda Module (calendar of events)
  • Publicus Classifieds (searchable text-based advertising)
  • Publicus Multi-Channel Module (wireless, handheld, email publishing)
  • Publicus Chat Module (real-time chat windows)
  • Publicus Forums Module (threaded discussion groups)
  • Publicus Guides Module (entertainment and business directories)

In addition the contract includes training, consulting services, support, and software maintenance.

The implementation process will begin in June, with a scheduled launch of the first three Web sites in September.


SAXOTECH A/S develops the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated software solutions for editorial print and online publishing. The Publicus Online Publishing is the company's Internet production and portal solution.