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Web anyltics from Omniture and SAXOTECH


SAXOTECH and Omniture have teamed with a single objective in mind - to solve critical business problems for online media customers and users. With the integration of Omniture SiteCatalyst, SAXOTECH now delivers unprecedented value with an online solution that includes Web publishing, online Ad serving and management and Web analytics capabilities. This solution offers unmatched visibility, deep, relevant and targeted analysis and superior reporting capabilities. It is available in a self hosted model or delivered as a flexible, scalable and robust managed hosting solution.

With this partnership, SAXOTECH brings to the media market a seamless, embedded integration, a single customer interface for technical service and support and simplified billing from one vendor.

Business Challenges
Companies are constantly striving to optimize their online businesses, and are increasingly expecting their employees to focus efforts on adding business value rather than spending time accessing data, constructing queries and formatting reports.

It is essential that information be easily shared, as typically there are multiple people involved in decision-making. Most companies are turning their organizations into more collaborative and efficient decision-making entities.

When the analysis and reporting for large volumes of realtime data are automatically created and delivered, people can more easily collaborate to make faster and better informed business decisions for their online, cross-channel and offline business initiatives.


Real-time Interactive Reporting
Omniture SiteCatalyst provides real-time, interactive reporting to optimize the effectiveness of a company’s Web site and multi-channel business initiatives. Real-time dashboards and event-triggered alerts offer rapid insight into key performance indicators and business-critical data.

Comprehensive and Easily Configured
Whether the online model is eCommerce, lead generation, subscription, ad sales, or support, SiteCatalyst provides a comprehensive set of ready-to-use reports that deliver the critical insight needed for improving online success. SiteCatalyst reports, dashboards and alerts can be easily configured to identify and measure the unique factors that affect business initiatives.

Proven Usability and Adoption
The artful application of usability best practices in SiteCatalyst ensures rapid user adoption from the most casual user to the most demanding analytics expert. SiteCatalyst enjoys rapid adoption and more consistent use because any user familiar with a standard Web browser and equipped with a login and password can navigate the interface and evaluate customer behavior and visitor interaction with ease.

SiteCatalyst also supports performance-driven analysis and enables users to achieve greater online effectiveness by defining targets for key performance indicators, better manage performance relative to business objectives and goals, and communicate performance benchmarks throughout the team.

Accelerated Time-to-Value
“Out-of-the-box,” SiteCatalyst provides the ability to prioritize investments and decrease expenses associated with customer support, off-line sales and support by forecasting the potential return on a campaign or impact of a site change.

The on-demand deployment of SiteCatalyst offers freedom from the complications associated with software solutions that must be installed and maintained. When visitors view Web pages, SiteCatalyst securely captures the required information automatically and instantly makes it available for analysis and action.

Enterprise Class
SiteCatalyst is being used by many of the largest sites on the Internet. With SiteCatalyst, Web publishers understand how visitors interact with their site through a flexible, enterprise-class architecture that quickly lets them identify and measure the factors that uniquely affect their online success and boost visitor satisfaction. These companies have increased marketing ROI, and achieved competitive advantage through their online channel by effectively using SiteCatalyst.

SAXOTECH Online™ Web Analytics at a Glance 

 Intuitive in design, SiteCatalyst provides in-depth analysis of visitor interactions with a Web site. Standard and easily configured reports can be accessed in real-time, or downloaded in a variety of formats at any time.

  • Superior Usability
    Friendly, browser-based interface that is easy to learn and understand.
  • Multi-site Grouping
    Aggregate data across several Web sites or analyze each site individually.
  • Visitor Segmentation
    Understand exactly how different types of visitors behave on a site. Leverage every click and event to create visitor segments based on any criteria.
  • Action Alerts
    Automatic notification of event triggers, such as reaching key metrics or falling below expectations.
  • Multivariate Testing Framework
    Go beyond traditional A/B testing, and optimize the effectiveness of critical pages by analyzing multiple variables simultaneously.
  • Data Sources
    Set-up and schedule third-party data for automatic import.
  • Cross-Category Analysis
    Deep multi-placement analysis for merchandisers.
  • 1-Click Segmentation
    Click the filter icon to instantly segment all visible reports.
  • Custom Insight™
    SiteCatalyst can track anything that can be identified. This built-in adaptability gives precise answers to unique questions.
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