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Today, news consumers naturally expect to find up-to-the-minute content, from breaking stories during the business day to current weather conditions in their neighborhood or movie times within five miles of their home on the weekend.
Delivering relevant and timely information to online audiences can be a daunting task for media companies when considering the wide range of information sources and media types. Growing your online presence with existing staff requires multi-faceted tools and technology.

Editorial System

The SAXOTECH Online content production platform consists of a robust, core content management system developed specifically for the challenges of today’s media companies. Providing a common repository for all media assets – from copy and images to video and audio – our content production tools give you the means to create, edit and manage content, and automatically present information to multiple online channels with a single point of administration.

Whether you are creating new content or integrating content from a newsroom editorial system, the extensive configuration options empower you to create content for all channels from a single online publishing tool.


    Import content from your existing newsroom editorial system to speed up online publishing of stories created by your news organization and remove operational bottlenecks. For optimal control, leverage SAXOTECH Editorial’s web center to build robust, multimedia content from within your newsroom workflow.
  • WEB-BASED STORY CREATION. Write stories directly into the system using a standard web browser. Breaking news, story updates, or remote reports can be quickly and easily submitted online.
  • PHOTO GALLERIES. Compile compelling photo galleries – free standing, attached to articles or usersubmitted – to engage your visitors.


    Present a constant flow of current news by configuring SAXOTECH Online to automatically publish wire feeds that are customized to your sites.
    Demonstrate to your audiences a sense of immediacy with current weather, short and long term forecasts, radar and satellite images.
    Localize your sites by automatically displaying the television station and listing information for your market area.
  • MOVIE GUIDES. Serve the information-seeking audiences in your community by displaying movie theater location and show time information for your market area. Make your site interactive with optional feeds that deliver information by movie title, theater name, postal code search, or geographic radius.
    Leverage our professional services staff to import information from any range of sources. SAXOTECH technology features a multi-filter that enables the automatic online publishing of virtually any wire source or archive system.


Successful news and information sites must handle a constant flow of new content with the potential for hundreds (or thousands) of new stories being published each day. In order to present this myriad of content in a manner that creates meaningful online experiences, online publishers require tools to categorize content that allows logical presentation across your online properties.

By leveraging categories, taxonomy and profiles, and template themes, media producers using SAXOTECH Online have documented substantial increases in page views. Well planned categorization means the system will automatically group relevant content and display links at the right place, all the time. By taking the manual referencing of related documents out of the picture and automating the process, online media producers can keep visitors on their sites longer.

    All content – stories, photos, forums, etc. – is organized by category for automatic presentation of sections like Local Entertainment, High School Sports, or Regional News.
    The SAXOTECH Online Taxonomy and Profiles component provides you with an advanced method of organizing and presenting content. Taxonomy-based organization and presentation of news content offers efficient and streamlined content delivery to your Web site guest, including Taxonomy Profile and Zoned content delivery. Taxonomy-based content delivery provides an advanced alternative to category-based content delivery.
    Produce an instant series on a major annual event, natural disaster or other topic that spans time but shares a common theme. Themes functionality provides another powerful way to streamline the presentation of your content to dynamic sites that engage your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

SAXOTECH technology provides you with peace of mind in knowing that the foundation of your online infrastructure can handle your growing online business, like unexpected spikes in traffic when news breaks, seasonal traffic increases, or non-linear growth as you introduce new online products to address new market opportunities.