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Mass adoption of broadband Internet has fundamentally changed how people communicate and consume news and information. The two-way nature of Internet communications opens the door for traditional publishers to engage online audiences in ways never before possible. By building interactive user experiences, media companies are uniquely positioned to develop new stronger audience relationships within their geographical community, and beyond.
The SAXOTECH Online platform provides tools that you can use to extend functionality and create the interactivity required to engage and retain a vibrant online audience.


Leverage your community’s growing desire to participate in the information exchange process by expanding the breadth and depth of content you offer. User-generated content helps you more actively engage the community you serve as well as control costs and dramatically expand your online presence.

    Expand the range of events you publish without increasing staff through a calendar of events that facilitates user-submitted community event publishing. Open the door for users to register marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, births and much more.
    Create interactivity between readers and your sites with sticky content that will attract and retain visitors. Stand-alone discussion forums can feature topics of local interest. You can also connect forums with content categories and articles to instantly engage users with your content. You decide if you want moderated or un-moderated, open submission or registration required forums.
    Enhance your company’s position in the community by establishing sites or blogs for business partners, schools, local athletic teams, and other public service groups in your market.
Set up an area of your site dedicated to grade school football teams in your area. Team coaches can post stories, scores, and announcements for parents and children to access online.
    Create engaging online experiences by hosting online Question and Answer sessions with political candidates, sports figures, or artists and provide your visitors with the chance to interact with your guests.
  • POLLS.
    Engage visitors and create dynamic content on your page in the form of colorful graphical results that reflect your online audience’s opinions on current news and events.
    Organize local content any way that makes sense for your community: Business directories, restaurant guides, local venue listings . . . you name it. Guides functionality provides the means for you to connect with your community with meaningful resources that enhance your site.
    Media companies that offer content that is unique in nature, and not readily available on the Internet, may elect to restrict access to some or all content.

    Subscription models are easily deployed, enabling you to create subscription types and protect some or all categories within your sites.