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Multi-Channel Publishing to Extend Reach Beyond the Web Print E-mail
The rapid development and adoption of new digital media technologies presents never-ending possibilities for media companies. But how do you plan resources to produce online products that may not be on your radar screen today?

The SAXOTECH Online platform powers feature-rich Web sites. But its advanced architecture also ensures that your news and information can be re-purposed for multiple channels without having to handle content multiple times. Simply select the channels that you want to serve from the newsroom, or within the online content producer’s web interface, and automatically publish content to reach your readers through their preferred channels without having to re-publish or copy content.

    Create and distribute on-demand email newsletters for your Web site visitors that target specific areas of interest. With the newsletter channel you can quickly and easily publish newsletters to your audiences or schedule a regular distribution in the future. SAXOTECH Online newsletters are based on templates to enforce the same consistency and brand image of your media sites. Target visitors based on postal code, city, gender, or other data points that you define.
    Delivery to small-screen mobile devices allows media companies to serve content to on-the-go consumers, extending their brand and reach to a new generation of online consumers. Select presentation channels including SMS, WAP or Palm to automatically distribute content to a wide range of mobile devices.