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As readers adopt online channels as preferred sources of news and information, endless opportunities for new, online revenue models emerge. To effectively monetize an online media business, publishers require advanced tools to help create and manage a new set of advertising products.

Understanding how much available online inventory you have to sell is the start of monetizing the Web. Selling online advertising presents new challenges in order to report back to advertisers on the status of Web ads. And managing the delivery of online advertising – ensuring maximum value to advertisers – is key to growing new revenue models.

The SAXOTECH Online Advertising Management Server (OAMS) delivers predictability to online advertising sales and measurement. One platform can help you meet some of the biggest challenges you face with online advertising management.

    SAXOTECH Online gives you a powerful inventory management tool that allows you to accurately predict ad inventory – from total site inventory to daily inventory, even down to detailed levels such as “lunch hour” – allowing you to better plan and predict online ad sales with the same accuracy as print products.
    OAMS delivers a greater degree of flexibility in handling and serving multiple ad types. Whether you need to deliver banner, text, flash or other rich media ads, OAMS provides a single management platform that supports many ad types.
    OAMS monitors traffic patterns every 15 minutes and adjusts campaigns accordingly to ensure your customer’s ad schedule is not over or under served.
    Sell your ads on a monthly or yearly flat rate, or under a CPM model. OAMS also allows you to align a flat rate with your CPM rate to ensure customers who are buying under different models still get the appropriate value for their ad spend.
    OAMS enables you to report on specific ads across a group of sites or sub-sites for better visibility into the campaigns running on your online properties. The same reports you use internally are the foundation for customer reports. You tailor them, and provide visibility into the report data needed on a customer-by-customer basis.

For even more functionality, expand your online advertising business to your call center and enable self-service booking with SAXOTECH Advertising.