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Archived data can be a news organization’s greatest strength. But too often, years of data storage on disparate backup systems causes this natural strength to become a weakness. When multiple archives for text and images combine with volumes of DVDs, CDs and aging hard disks to make up an “archive,” you’re less likely to leverage historical data to enhance today’s multi-channel products.

The SAXOTECH Editorial archive system stores your assets in a powerful, integrated repository providing a centralized archive of all text content, images and metadata associated with both published and unpublished assets.

    Preserve workflow history and metadata, providing the means to quickly bring stories and assets back to life. SEARCH. Empower users to search through years of published and unpublished content within the same system, making it easy to find and share assets for research, or for immediate Web or online publishing.
    Manage three types of elements in a single archive: text, images, and PDF pages in one integrated system.
    Distinguish between published and unpublished content. Configure your system to automatically filter material so that only the information you want to maintain is archived.
    Convert archived items for reuse anytime, restoring links that connect stories, images, and pages so users are able to see what content belongs together.