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Producing high quality content requires special attention to detail that becomes even more critical to news organizations managing both print and online publishing. When everything comes together in one system, the challenge of tracking who is doing what, and when, can be monumental.

With so much information at one’s fingertips, news organizations require systems that can be configured to provide as much or as little visibility so each contributor can work effectively.

SAXOTECH Editorial workflow management functionality allows you to personalize individual views of the system, opening the door for powerful workflow automation that makes your team more productive from end to end.

Sports departments have different needs than Business. Reporters and page designers are worlds apart in their daily activities. With everyone using the same system, configured to meet the specific needs of their department or workgroup, the integrated SAXOTECH Editorial system ensures utmost efficiency resulting in higher productivity.

    Submit Ideas and track what happens as status moves from “Submitted” to “Preparing” to “Accepted.” Automatically create new articles when certain criteria are met in your planning process.
    Connect every piece of assignments, providing instant visibility to stories, pictures, cutlines notes, backgrounders, and any other digital asset used to create or support content.
    Match your existing workflow, or ask: What could you do better? How do you want to work? The system fits your workflow and you can even apply different workflows to different publications created on the same system.
    Apply your existing terminology to virtually any part of the system so that users can immediately adapt to automated workflows and everyone knows where stories and assets are at any time.
    Personalize how you see the system, putting everything you need at your fingertips to work effectively. USER ADOPTION. Reporters learn how to use the system in a matter of hours; since everyone uses the same interface and terminology, user adoption is fast for even the most advanced contributors.
    Find everything in one spot, relieving the need to go to different places to find different things.
    Parts of pages can be edited by different people at the same time, increasing output especially near deadlines.
    Integration with ad systems provides up-to-theminute updates of all content on the page.
    View the status of every story on a page as they move through the news and production process.