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Media companies such as newspapers and magazines are backed by established brands consumers trust. But the Internet era has introduced new, pure-play competitors that offer enticing and effective online advertising products.

The SAXOTECH Online Advertising Display Channel provides media companies with a sophisticated end-to-end solution for rich media online display ad booking, seamlessly integrated with a powerful Online Ad Management Server to deliver unmatched business functions and performance.

    The SAXOTECH Online Advertising system features integration between ad booking and the Online Ad Management Server (OAMS) that serves ads to individual sites, across groups of sites, and tracks inventory availability and usage. The tight coupling of the ad server and the online presentation platform provides unparalleled control over lucrative new media ad types that can be offered to advertisers.
    Users of the Multi Media Call Center have direct access to live stats on the ad server. Integration like this provides real-time dynamic rating of ads based on available inventory of one site or across a network of sites. Now your sales staff can dynamically drill down into the banner inventory and construct unique online scheduling scenarios targeted to specific contextual categories and to exact spot locations.
    Give your sales team the tools they need to work with a wide range of customer types, from transient advertisers, monthly billed, agencies, and government, in order to apply the correct rating and billing. Knowing the customer allows your sales staff to avoid credit risks, provide better consultative selling, and effectively resolve problems.
    Capture a wide range of scheduling parameters, including publishing across a network of sites, the ability to target ads to the context that is most valuable to your advertiser down to the time of day, and how ads are distributed in the selected period.
    Automatically calculate rates for any scheduling parameter, such as the time of day the ad publishes, the content category, and the type of ad content (rich media, simple text, dynamic). The easy-touse rating tool allows you to setup a variety of CPM rates, tiered volume pricing, and packages that help you maximize the value of your inventory.
    Accommodate a variety of workflow options with the booking tool. In small organizations, one user can quote, attach content, and insert for publication. You can also support the common requirement of multi-user workflow scenarios. The workflow is implemented using configurable routing logic so that credit, production, accounting, and sales management can setup queues to track ads throughout their complete life cycle.
    Configure the system to interface with your billing system to provide a single view of the customer. The interface can be configured to be periodic synchronization or a realtime connection. Additionally the ads booked in the SAXOTECH Online Advertising system can be fed directly to the billing system for revenue reporting and invoicing.