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New Version Speeds Deployment for Partners Who Embed Omniture as Part of Vertical Industry Platforms

Omniture, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMTR), a leading provider of online business optimization software, today announced Omniture Genesis 2.0 Platform Edition, a new version of Genesis that streamlines the deployment of Omniture for Authorized Platform Partners that deliver Omniture software as part of an industry-specific platform solution.

By using this new version, platform partners have a more automated integration with Omniture Genesis data and can access new features such as auto-tagging of site content information, access to customer segments pre-defined in Omniture SiteCatalyst, and delivery of turnkey packaged report suites. Online business operators benefit from shortened implementation of Omniture's online business optimization capabilities for their expanding customer bases. Today, more than 1,500 companies across retail, media, high-tech and travel industries use Omniture through an embedded industry platform solution.

The Genesis 2.0 Platform Edition is now used by 17 of the industry's leading platform partners with authorized implementations including: Acumium, Amazon Enterprise Solutions, ChannelNet, DMinSite, Fry, Inc. GSI Commerce, LaGarde, Marketbright, MarketLive, Media99, Motricity, Novator, RichFX, Saxotech, TIG Global, Truition and Vcommerce.

"Omniture Genesis is simplifying how our customers integrate their marketing applications," said Josh James, CEO and co-founder, Omniture. "With Genesis 2.0 Platform Edition, we are extending the integration ease of use to our platform partners who are implementing and deploying Omniture-based solutions to thousands of companies as part of a Genesis ecosystem of more than 70 partners."

17 Authorized Platform Partners are already utilizing the Genesis Platform Edition including:

Acumium - Acumium's Web Content Management System and e-commerce Solutions help our customers to create an effective, high-performing, customized online presence. Utilizing cutting-edge XML technology, we make managing and updating content easy and merchandising and directing visitors to the right place effective. Acumium has helped over 50 clients across multiple industries grow their businesses online for the past 7 years.

Amazon Enterprise Solutions - At Amazon Enterprise Solutions, we have built our platform to make multi-channel e-commerce a reality. Our offering enables a consistent, branded, and unified shopping, ordering, and fulfilment experience that lets the customers shop any channel (web, store, phone, catalog, and franchises) they choose, select delivery and payment methods across the channels, and allows the retailers to manage their enterprise-wide inventory seamlessly. Through partnership with Omniture, we offer an integrated solution to enable retailers to track their business performance across all channels.

ChannelNet - Including Omniture as an extension of ChannelNet's SiteBuilder solution gives a real marketing advantage to both our customers and their retailers. With Omniture SiteCatalyst Web analytics, our customers can measure their website traffic, marketing campaigns as well as the effectiveness of their site. With SiteBuilder, our customers can then refine marketing programs and modify their Web site messaging in real-time to improve that performance. And we even extend Omniture support to our customers' retailers so individual dealers can manage their own keywords and regional marketing programs.

DMinSite - DMinSite's Mercury 6.0 software offers multi-channel merchants a feature-rich web-selling e-commerce platform. Using Omniture Genesis 2.0, DMinSite can help clients grow their online business. The actionable data provided to clients through Genesis allows them to pinpoint opportunities and support clients more effectively and quickly.

Fry, Inc. - Fry's collaboration with Omniture will enable leading retail, consumer goods and manufacturing clients using Fry's e-commerce solution, Open Commerce Platform(TM), to use the most advanced Web analytics tools available to evaluate and drive their online businesses.

GSI Commerce - Leading e-commerce solutions provider GSI Commerce identifies and implements e-commerce solutions that enable about 80 of the world's leading retailers, branded manufacturers, entertainment companies and professional sports organizations to operate e-commerce businesses. By integrating Omniture business optimization software into the GSI Commerce platform, GSI partners can more effectively measure their business performance and optimize their online marketing efforts to create a more meaningful, high-quality customer experience.

LaGarde - With more than 10 years in the e-commerce industry and 30,000 Web stores under its belt, LaGarde knows what is needed for online success. LaGarde StoreFront® shopping cart software delivers the efficient and intuitive shopping experience consumers seek while upholding sound e-commerce strategies and operations for growing businesses of all types.

Marketbright - Marketbright's eMarketing automation solution, integrated with Omniture SiteCatalyst through the Genesis 2.0 platform, provides our customers with greater insight into all aspects of their demand generation, helping them to more efficiently and cost-effectively drive demand for their products and services. Because Omniture's Web analytics is integrated with Marketbright at a platform level, customers can instantly measure the results of marketing campaigns, messages and offers online.

MarketLive - Omniture is an important extension of the MarketLive e-commerce Platform, giving MarketLive customers real-time performance data about the way people shop. Omniture Genesis will make it even easier to integrate Omniture support into new MarketLive deployments, allowing MarketLive e-commerce customers to respond instantly to trends and events, and boost their profits by identifying their most profitable campaigns, promotions, and customer segments. The combination of MarketLive and Omniture delivers e-commerce intelligence that you can act on immediately to directly impact on your e-commerce sales results.

Media99 - Omniture's tools allow us to provide the essential data our clients need to thoroughly evaluate their floral website's performance, thus giving them an edge over their competition. Simply put, they can be more effective with their marketing efforts and their website overall.

Motricity - Motricity is one of the leading delivery platforms for mobile content with marquee partners including MTV, BET, Turner, AT&T, Alltel, and Bell Mobility. The company's offerings span the content delivery chain, enabling compelling end user experiences and delivering profitable and reliable mobile content offerings for mobile network operators, media and entertainment companies, and mobile specialists. Motricity helps companies leverage the emerging mobile channel, interact with consumers and build brand loyalty through the provision of unified, scalable offerings across multiple key mobile content solution categories, including: storefronts, portals, messaging, content aggregation, marketing campaign management and community solutions.

Novator Systems - By integrating Genesis Platform Release 2.0, we offer more power to our retail clients in their quest to manage and monetize thousands of channels and microsites. The Novator Hyper-Channel e-commerce platform is one of the most robust offerings available to retailers on the market. The combined Novator and Genesis 2.0 solution will fully optimize Novator clients' marketing spend, microsite analytics and more.

RichFX - RichFX, an industry leader in rich media solutions, has over 10 years of experience driving conversations by creating spectacular user experiences through innovative product presentations. RichFX leverages Omniture SiteCatalyst as an embedded part of our rich media solution. RichFX is able to provide clients with an unprecedented level of insight into their online customer interactions. Armed with this data, RichFX clients are able to react immediately and dynamically change the user experience to directly drive additional conversions and increase revenue.

SAXOTECH - Large media groups and independent large media groups and independent publishers alike throughout Europe and North America use SAXOTECH's content management and Web publishing platform to efficiently produce and share news content. A streamlined workflow and collaboration throughout the entire news production process gives media companies the ability to offer a cutting-edge Web presence and rapidly launch new online and print products, all while minimizing operational costs.

TIG Global - TIG Global is a full-service Internet marketing firm that provides turnkey web-presence management for more than 550 clients in the travel and hospitality industries. By leveraging Omniture SiteCatalyst as an embedded part of TIG Global's Internet services, travel and hospitality clients can gain increased advantages with greater insight and sophisticated analysis of their online customers, ultimately helping TIG Global clients to gain increased conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Truition - Truition's award-winning on demand e-commerce platform will be further enhanced by Omniture's Genesis Platform Release 2.0. Truition enables more than 125 customers in 10 countries to effectively outsource core elements of their e-commerce operations and grow online revenues at a lower cost. Through Truition's relationship with Omniture and its new Genesis Platform, our clients will have access to a market-leading solution that combines best-in-class e-commerce technology with the most advanced analytics and business optimization capabilities.

Vcommerce - Leading retailers select the Vcommerce Enterprise Platform based on the completeness of the solution, flexibility to benefit from best-in-class third party components such as Omniture SiteCatalyst, and Vcommerce's deep expertise in enabling high volume e-commerce. Clients can quickly deploy an end-to-end e-commerce solution including online marketing to drive more customers, e-commerce Storefronts to create more orders, order management to create more efficiency, fulfillment & integration to provide more products, and customer service to ensure more loyalty.

About Omniture

Omniture, Inc. is a leading provider of online business optimization software, enabling customers to manage and enhance online, offline and multi-channel business initiatives. Omniture's software, which it hosts and delivers to its customers as an on-demand subscription service, enables customers to capture, store and analyze information generated by their Web sites and other sources and to gain critical business insights into the performance and efficiency of marketing and sales initiatives and other business processes. In addition, Omniture offers a range of professional services that complement its online services, including implementation, best practices, consulting, customer support and user training through Omniture University(TM). Omniture's more than 2,500 customers include eBay, AOL, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, Neiman Marcus, Oracle, Countrywide Financial, General Motors, Sony and HP. www.omniture.com

Note on Forward-looking Statements

Management believes that certain statements in this release may constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, including, but not limited to, statements regarding the abilities, expected benefits and acceptance of our Genesis service in the market and statements regarding our product strategy and plans. These statements are based on current expectations and assumptions regarding future events and business performance and involve certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially, including but not limited to, risks associated with our ability to ensure that our services address the specific requirements of our customers and partners, the continued adoption by customers of our services, including our SiteCatalyst and Genesis services in particular, the significant capital requirements of the business model, our ability to develop or acquire new services and enhance existing service offerings, risks associated with our acquisition strategy and disruptions in our business and operations as a result of acquisitions, the continued growth of the market for on-demand, online business optimization services, changes in the competitive dynamics of our markets, errors, interruptions or delays in our services or other performance problems with our services, our ability to hire, retain and motivate our employees, the adoption of laws or regulations, or interpretations of existing law, that could limit our ability to collect and use Internet user information, and the blocking or erasing of "cookies"; and such other risks described in Omniture's quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the period ended June 30, 2007, and from time to time in other reports filed by Omniture with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission. These reports are available on the Investor Relations section of our Web site at http://www.omtr.com. Omniture undertakes no duty to update any forward-looking statement to conform the statement to actual results or changes in the company's expectations.