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Abu Dhabi Media Company Selects SAXOTECH’s Multi-channel Publishing Solution to Launch New National Print and Digital Media Enterprise Print E-mail

January 2, 2008

Abu Dhabi Media Company will go live with a startup national newspaper in early 2008. The multimedia pioneer in the United Arab Emirates has chosen SAXOTECH’s complete editorial publishing solution to power its new English-language print and digital media properties.

Abu Dhabi Media Company’s roots extend back to 1969. The company’s television, radio, publishing and online services reach millions of Arabs around the world.

Abu Dhabi Media Company’s new print and digital properties, which have yet to be named, will use SAXOTECH’s integrated multi-channel workflow and content management solution to efficiently produce and share news and information in a streamlined and collaborative production environment. This seamless workflow will enable the newspaper and its website to deliver timely news to a rapidly growing region that has seen a 75 percent population increase over the past 10 years.

“We are excited about having one system that can take us from the planning stage, through the production of the newspaper, publish us online, and archive our finished product,” said Laura Koot, spokesperson, Abu Dhabi Media Company.

With a centralized system to plan, produce and publish content for print and digital channels, Abu Dhabi Media Company will be positioned to quickly respond to readership trends by empowering its newly hired editorial staff with a technology solution that enables very high productivity – extending content and online applications to enhance media publishing operations while building an online community.

From the moment an idea for content is born, until the final stories and assets are archived, Abu Dhabi Media Company will realize high productivity and quality. Most importantly, by implementing the state-of-the-art workflow and content management solution from SAXOTECH, the new enterprise will provide a highly desirable working environment for its new staff.

“It is very exciting to be part of the start up of a new newspaper in UAE,” said Glenn Andersen, director of SAXOTECH Europe. “The professional skills brought on board from Abu Dhabi Media Company to support this launch are very impressive. The quality of the SAXOTECH solution makes it possible to go live very quickly with all of the flexibility needed by a start up.”

The online team will also have access to the most advanced Web business analytics to provide real-time interactive reporting. The solution will enable the media company to have ready-to-use reports that deliver the critical insight needed for generating new revenue streams and improving online success.

SAXOTECH’s centralized utility hosting infrastructure will power the newspaper’s Web site, ensuring uninterrupted access to news and information that is published by its editorial staff.  By migrating to a fully managed Web services platform, the newspaper will provide its online audience with satisfying user experiences now and for years to come.

Abu Dhabi Media Company will launch both its new print and digital media properties late Q1, 2008.

About Abu Dhabi Media Company
Abu Dhabi Media Company, formerly, Emirates Media Inc. (EMI), is a multimedia pioneer in the Arab region. Its origins in television, radio and press go back as far as 1969 with the establishment of Al Ittihad Newspaper, UAE Television from Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Radio. It was in 1996 that television and radio were incorporated under Emirates Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). In 1999 EBC was reincorporated as EMI with its television and radio services expanded to include Al Itihad Newspaper, Zahrat Al Khaleej and Majed Magazines.

Today, Abu Dhabi’s diversity provides a unique advantage as it continues to reach millions of Arabs from around the world. Abu Dhabi’s coverage extends from the Middle East to Europe as well as North America.

Abu Dhabi Media Company’s operations currently include three satellite television channels and seven radio channels as well as the above mentioned publications. Additionally, Abu Dhabi Media’s electronic services include five interactive internet websites with continuing development for launching new websites for other major services in TV, Radio and Press. Its Al Ittihad newspaper website (www.alittihad.ae) as well as its main corporate website (www.emi.ae) were the first Arabic websites in the region. These premier websites are popular not only with their audience but with other industry professionals as they are recognized for their quality of information and content as well as design.
Abu Dhabi Media Company’s satellite coverage of the latest events around the world attracts international recognition and acclaim. Since its inauguration, Abu Dhabi Media Company has been the recipient of a record number of prestigious accolades for all sectors of their operations. Abu Dhabi Media Company is dedicated to ‘keeping its audiences ahead’ by providing greater choice of the latest and most technically advanced interactive services while maintaining its high professional values and international standards.
SAXOTECH is a software development and systems implementation company founded in 1993 to exclusively serve the media industry. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit and publish news for multiple channels and are backed by world-class customer support. Today SAXOTECH’s software products are used by more than 450 news organizations around the world. For more information on SAXOTECH, please visit our Web site at www.saxotechonline.com.