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Paddock's The Daily Herald Goes Live with SAXOTECH Print E-mail

June 24, 2008

Paddock Publications of Arlington Heights, Ill., has entered the third of its four go-lives with SAXOTECH Editorial™ and SAXOTECH Archive™.
The company’s flagship publication, The Daily Herald, has been live with its Neighbor, Features and Business sections for more than two weeks. Sports went live with the June 24 edition, and News will go live with the July 1 edition. Also live with SAXOTECH are its Niche publications department and a Spanish-language weekly, Reflejos.
The Daily Herald is the third-largest newspaper in Illinois with a circulation of more than 150,000. Its market niche is in its extensive zoning of advertising and editorial content. The newspaper circulates in five counties in suburban Chicago, each with its own zones and subzones, and competes directly with the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.
SAXOTECH is running with Adobe CS3 in a nearly all-Citrix environment. The Citrix farm is built of VMWare servers on an ESX server platform. Currently, there are 17 Citrix servers in the farm. An additional 10 servers support the files, database, robots, archive and backups.
Reporter Georgia Garvey led a team of five power users (Mark Black, Chris Gerke, Eric Reyes and Tammy Rubel), who, along with five super users, have trained more than 175 users so far. Approximately 225 will use the system when 100 percent live.

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