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SAXOTECH Mediaware Center Provides Fully Integrated Hosted Solution for On-Demand Publishing Print E-mail
SAXOTECH Continues to Deliver Innovative Solutions Created to Capture Operational Efficiencies and Competitive Advantage
Tampa, Fla. – April 20, 2009 – SAXOTECH announced today the availability of its Mediaware Center as a managed hosted solution. Utilizing SAXOTECH’s new highly scalable cloud environment, the Managed Hosted Mediaware Center provides media companies with a complete publishing system as a hosted service.

Designed to support both digital and print channels, SAXOTECH’s flexible and cost effective solution enables publishers to efficiently produce and share news and information in a streamlined and collaborative production environment. Offering true channel-agnostic content management, SAXOTECH’s Managed Hosted Mediaware Center allows media companies to achieve significant efficiencies in all aspects of the production of editorial products through the creation of a fully-integrated digital and print newsroom.

“To stay competitive in today’s environment, publishers need new tools to be efficient and reach their audience effectively,” said Anders Christiansen, president and CEO, SAXOTECH. “With SAXOTECH’s new Managed Hosted Mediaware Center, media companies can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology with the ability to access and use a full production system from anywhere in the world and deliver content to both print and digital channels. In addition to the increased efficiencies realized through the use of a single system, SAXOTECH’s Managed Hosted Mediaware Center allows for faster deployments and eliminates the need for large investments in hardware.”

The Managed Hosted Mediaware Center is monitored and supported by an experienced support team to stay in front of preventable performance issues, minimizing user frustration and downtime. The hosted environment is highly secure and will provide complete redundancy. Additional capacity is always available and automated resource balancing provides continuous monitoring to ensure that all applications are always running at peak performance.

SAXOTECH’s complete suite of offerings is now available as hosted solutions, including its recently launched Online Ad Solutions designed to allow publishers to maximize online advertising revenue as well as increase operational efficiencies. Completely compatible with the Mediaware Center, SAXOTECH’s Online Ad Solutions include:

Directory Publishing Center – allows publishers to easily create a wide array of searchable directories, guides and index products for their local communities

Ad Sales Management – provides publishers with key functionality to streamline scheduling, pricing, quoting, ordering, publishing and billing combinations of digital display ads and online directory listings

SAXOTECH will continue to offer the print edition of its Mediaware Center as a self -hosted solution.

SAXOTECH helps media companies address the changing behaviors of consumers by providing enterprise content management and monetization solutions for multi-channel publishing. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit, design and publish for digital and print channels and are backed by world-class customer implementation, training, support and ongoing development. Today, SAXOTECH’s solutions are in use by more than 470 news organizations around the world.

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