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The Online Advertisig Sourcebook for Newspapers
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Breaking news on the Web and updating in print calls for a new model to gather and disseminate news and information. Linking advertising to drive new revenue is essential to your success.

Executive Summary

News organizations – specifically newspapers, broadcast radio and TV – operate today in a competitive environment unlike any time in history. Radical changes in consumer behavior that are driven by critical mass adoption of always on broadband Internet services and the participatory Web culture challenge the sourcing, creation and distribution of content for the established media and undermines traditional advertising models. To thrive in this time of mainstream disruptive innovation, news organizations are required to rethink their businesses. With a renewed mission statement, media companies need a new set of systems and tools to proactively manage their transformation.

We refer to the “next generation” news organization as The Always On MediaHouse, and this paper will examine some of the most critical considerations faced by the news and information industry today. It will also outline a technology framework to streamline content creation and management in a multi-channel (print, Web and emerging online) communications landscape.