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SAXOTECH Editorial™ Delivers an Innovative and Scalable Solution to Streamline Planning, Creating, Editing and Production Processes
Tampa, Fla. – October 24, 2005 –SAXOTECH, a leading software development and systems implementation company exclusively serving the publishing industry, today announced Butler Eagle has expanded its relationship with SAXOTECH, selecting SAXOTECH Editorial™ as its powerful new workflow management and print publishing platform.

SAXOTECH Editorial is a cross-platform system that includes a broad range of software components for editorial production, information management, content routing, workflow and production automation.

In addition to SAXOTECH Editorial, Butler Eagle has deployed SAXOTECH Online™ to support the increasing demand from its web-based readership. The combination of the Editorial and Online products creates valuable synergies for newspaper publishers.

SAXOTECH Editorial is designed to help businesses produce efficient full-page, digital print publishing, and when combined with a system like SAXOTECH Online, SAXOTECH Editorial becomes a powerful news publishing platform that enables content to flow seamlessly to the Web.

“We have a good history with Butler Eagle and we are pleased they have chosen SAXOTECH Editorial,” said Anders Christiansen, CEO and president, SAXOTECH. “The addition of SAXOTECH Editorial to their existing SAXOTECH Online investment will give Butler Eagle a complete solution that enables them to distribute news and content to their readers through various communications channels.”

About Butler Eagle The Butler Eagle is in a unique position in the American newspaper industry. It is family owned. There are close to 1,500 daily newspapers nationwide, with only about 200 that are family owned. But some family owned papers include those that are part of newspaper chains. Of those 200 family owned newspapers nationwide, about 45 are in Pennsylvania. That means nearly 25 percent of all independent family owned papers in America are in the Keystone State. For the past 100 years, it has been owned by the Wise family

About SAXOTECH SAXOTECH is a software development and systems implementation company founded in 1993 to exclusively serve the publishing industry. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit and publish news for multiple channels and are backed by world-class customer support. Today SAXOTECH’s software products are used by over 300 news organizations around the world.