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Demonstrates SAXOTECH Editorial enhanced management capabilities of workflow processes; Introduces SAXOTECH Online Ad Management System (OAMS), providing advanced targeting for expanded revenue opportunities

October 4, 2005 – SAXOTECH will once again be participating at IfraExpo in Leipzig Germany October 17-20 where the company will be demonstrating its world class editorial workflow management solutions and online publishing

SAXOTECH Editorial Enhanced Management Capabilities
SAXOTECH Editorial (formerly named SAXoPress) development has focused on optimizing the platforms management features and functionality. The full-featured solution gives the customers the choice of platform (mac/pc) and layout tools (Quark/Adobe) with the possibility to integrate to a number of 3. party vendors.

Multi-page: SAXOTECH Editorial support multi-page documents. Several newspapers “shrimps” to the Tabloid format and SAXOTECH Editorial fully supports and exploits the possibilities in the “new” format .

Page Monitoring: SAXOTECH Editorial version 6.2 provides significant advancements in production/page management. With the new page monitoring module, users can quickly determine the statuses of all elements assigned or placed on a page. The page monitor module utilizes color coding to quickly inform users on the condition or status of all the elements on pages in live production. This provides production or management with a quick reference tool to monitor and oversee page production and output.

Improved Zoning Management: Advanced zoning tools allow users to more closely monitor and manage zoned pages or stories.

Integrated Planning: SAXOTECH Editorial continues to improve and integrate advanced planning and management tools to the system. The system manages assignments, events, ideas, contacts, duty roster information, photo bookings and resource allocations.

Web-enabling of the Archive: SAXOTECH Editorial automates the process of moving content from print to web, as well as pushing published content into the long-term archive. By providing a highly customizable interface directly into the archive, this simplifies the process of finding archived material and bringing it back into live production. And now the archive can be brought directly to the web.

Layout Driven Workflow/Template tools: SAXOTECH Editorial offers significant advancements in layout driven workflows. Layout tools allow designers and editors to create stories from the page, allowing reporters to write-to-fit. Advanced template tools allow quick creation of entire pages or sections of pages.

Cross Population of Content: Content sharing should not be a one way street. SAXOTECH Editorial advances its connectivity to the SAXOTECH Online Publishing System, allowing more dynamic cross population of content. On top of taking in calendar information, SAXOTECH Editorial can also capture information like wedding announcements, blogs, letters to the editor and much more... from web to print.

SAXOTECH announces and demonstrates its new Online Advertising Management System, the latest component of the SAXOTECH Online Publishing System. OAMS is ideally suited for use by newspaper groups, significantly improving the placement, timing and tracking of banner and other online ads, giving publishers the tools to successfully target advertising and generate in-depth reports and analysis for advertisers.

A key benefit of OAMS is its ability to provide predictability of online ad sales. OAMS contains tools to accurately report and predict traffic down to a granular detail level. This delivers the capability to the newspaper to plan and predict ad sales and pricing with the same accuracy as they are accustomed to in their print editions.

On top of this many new functions and enhancements of SAXOTECH Online will be shown:

An enhanced Forums component, enabling you to deploy even more dynamic community-based discussions.

A significant number of smaller enhancements, including:


  • Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Article Edit Protection
  • Near Real Time Data for Most Read, Most Printed & Most Tipped articles today
  • Improved Performance (from a number of changed caching schemes)
  • Improved HTML Editor
  • Template Themes
  • User Interface Enhancements
  • Objects and Templates Enhancements
  • Changes to variables

We look forward to meeting you.