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Newest Component of the SAXOTECH Online Publishing System Brings Greater Flexibility and Predictability to Online Advertising Sales and Management
TAMPA, Fla. – July 28, 2005 – SAXOTECH, Inc. today announced the global release of Online Advertising Management System (OAMS); a next generation online advertising management solution developed specifically for publishers and news organizations to better deliver online advertising products to customers. Built on SAXOTECH OnlineTM technology, OAMS is designed to help publications achieve better business results through in-depth inventory, reporting and scheduling tools that provide more control over total available impressions.

Developed based on customer feedback and requests, OAMS is the latest technology from SAXOTECH that gives online publishers better control and visibility of their online business.

“SAXOTECH Online Advertising Management System will bring a new degree of accuracy and predictability to online advertising,” said Anders Christiansen, CEO and president of SAXOTECH, Inc. “With this release publishers will now have the tools they need to predict traffic patterns, ad sales and pricing with the same accuracy as they are accustomed to in their print publications.”

Standard & Enterprise Editions

First demonstrated at NEXPO 2005 in Dallas, OAMS will be generally available to publishers and publishing groups in standard and enterprise editions beginning in Fall 2005. OAMS Standard brings to market key features that many customers have been asking for, including

  • Multiple ad type management – multiple ad types are managed within a single system including traditional banner ads (including simple flash ads), text ads, and externally served ads
  • Comprehensive reporting – detailed reporting on ad delivery for both internal management and customers
  • Ad scheduling – ability to set ad schedules for online ads based on date, weight, maximum click throughs and / or impressions
  • Ad type assignment – ability to assign any ad type to any ad spot

OAMS Enterprise is ideally suited for multiple site newspapers and newspaper groups. OAMS Enterprise provides all the features and functionality of OAMS Standard with added support for

  • Script ads and classified ad extraction – advanced flash, script ads and classified ads can be assigned to any ad spot and managed within the familiar SAXOTECH Online environment
  • Advanced scheduling – added support for campaign and multi-site scheduling as well as companion ads, alternative distribution and automatic schedule adjustment based on OAMS traffic monitoring
  • Inventory management & analysis – holistic view of sold impressions and available inventory based on near real-time traffic monitoring
  • Ad control & alignment – align monthly/yearly flat rate and CPM pricing models

OAMS gives publishers the tools to significantly improve the placement, timing and tracking of banner and other online ads. By giving online publications better management, inventory control, reporting, and scheduling of online assets OAMS helps reduce unsold inventory and maximize online ad revenue. Additionally, the OAMS increased focus on sold and available inventory empowers publishers and sales managers to drive new sales and value-added offerings – resulting in lower unsold inventory.

OAMS advanced management features allow you to more effectively deliver your available inventory by assigning multiple ad types to each ad spot and aligning flat rate pricing with cost per thousand-based (CPM) pricing. By removing ad type barriers from ad spots, OAMS helps online ad managers improve ad delivery by assigning multiple ad types to each ad spot. Aligning flat rate with CPM pricing ensures customers purchasing on different pricing models get the appropriate value. Furthermore, OAMS monitors web traffic every fifteen minutes and adjusts ad schedules as necessary to ensure campaigns run their desired schedule, removing concern that traffic spikes could exhaust ad campaigns and schedules too quickly.


OAMS has been in controlled customer testing since January 2005 and is now fully deployed throughout the 14 newspaper websites of the New York Times Regional News Group (NYTRNG). OAMS will become generally available in Fall 2005 and can be deployed as a hosted service or installed solution – providing more choice in implementation and delivery of a comprehensive online ad management solution.

SAXOTECH, Inc is a software development and systems implementation company founded in 1993 to exclusively serve the publishing industry. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit and publish news for multiple channels and are backed by world-class customer support. Today SAXOTECH’s software products are used by over 300 news organizations around the world.