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Michigan Daily Newspaper Selects SAXOTECH Editorial and Online
TAMPA, Fla. – July 25, 2005 – SAXOTECH, a leading software development and systems implementations company exclusively serving the publishing industry, today announced the Monroe Evening News (Monroe, Mich.) has selected SAXOTECH Editorial™ and SAXOTECH Online™ as their new publishing platform for both print and online operations.

“We welcome the Monroe Evening News to the SAXOTECH family of customers and look forward to partnering with them for many years to deliver news in both traditional format and via next-generation online channels,” said Anders Christiansen, CEO and president, SAXOTECH, Inc. “The combination of SAXOTECH Editorial and SAXOTECH Online is the perfect solution for Monroe to tighten the integration and delivery of news to their readers throughout the Monroe County area.”

The Monroe News will implement a 37-seat SAXOTECH Editorial platform as a replacement for their existing OpenPages editorial system. In addition to the base editorial system, Monroe has also selected several add-on components, including Planning, NetNews, Image Processing and e-mail integration, to further enhance the overall publishing process.

In order to streamline operations and create greater synergies between the print paper and website, Monroe also selected SAXOTECH Online as the publishing platform for its online presence. The combination of SAXOTECH Editorial and Online will give Monroe tighter integration between its print and web-based news operations, and enable bi-directional publishing.

About the Monroe Evening News

Time passes, but strong values endure. For 176 years, The Monroe Evening News has represented the values cherished by the communities it serves - hard work, courage, reliability, dedication, fairness, professionalism and pride. Those are the kinds of enduring values that strengthen the fabric of society, that keep families together, and preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Monroe County region. They're also the values that have been held dear by past generations of newspaper people in Monroe, and they're the values that still are cherished by the employees who now own The Monroe Evening News. So they know one of the keys to their continued success is to continue serving you successfully, by providing you with timely and accurate information in a format that doesn't waste your time or your money.

About SAXOTECH, Inc.

SAXOTECH, Inc is a software development and systems implementation company founded in 1993 to exclusively serve the publishing industry. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit and publish news for multiple channels and are backed by world-class customer support. Today SAXOTECH’s software products are used by over 300 news organizations around the world.