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Predominant Icelandic publisher selects the SAXoPRESS editorial pagination system for all three of its publications

Frétt, a subsidiary of OgFjarskipti, an Icelandic telecommunications company, publishes two national news-papers; the Fréttabladid and Dagbladid Visir (DV) and also a weekly magazine, Birta. Fréttabladid, a free publication, has the largest average daily circulation in Iceland, roughly 97,000 and DV a circulation of 18,000 copies a day. The combined circulation of Frett’s newspapers comprises over 66 percent of the total market.

“Our growth since July 2002, when 30 people started out publishing one newspaper of 24-32 pages, five days a week, to our current three publications, at the average of 100 pages pr. day, seven days a week, has stretched our system, or lack there of, beyond it's limits," said Hermann Hermannsson, COO of Frett. “We are confident that the introduction of SAXoPRESS will substantiate our further growth, and allow us to improve the quality of our current production as well as creating a more manageable and easy workflow for everyone involved in our production.”

The Frett agreement is for a complete SAXoPRESS system which includes; editorial planning, the robust archive solution, SAXoBRS and an e-paper solution for 125 Windows clients.

“We are convinced that the SAXoPRESS solution will enable Frétt to extend the effectiveness of the newspapers workflow,” said Glenn A. Andersen, Director of SAXOTECH. “At the same time the solution will be able to support the extensive growth Frétt expects. We are happy to be part of Frétts future.”

About Frétt: Frétt, a subsidiary of OgFjarskipti, Icelands second largest telecommunications company, publishes two national newspapers Frettabladid and Dagbladid Visir (DV), and a weekly magazine named Birta. The company covers over 66% of the daily newspaper market. Frettabladid, the largest daily newspaper in Iceland, was launched in 2001 as a free publication distributed to around 85.000 homes in Iceland. The publication of Frettabladid was taken over by Frett in July 2002. The publication of DV, which traces it’s roots back to 1911, was aquired by Frett in 2003, and the subscription based paper is now published six days a week. OgFjarskipti is listed on the main list of the Icelandic Stock Exchange, ICEX.

About SAXOTECH: SAXOTECH develops and markets productivity enhancing software solutions for the media industry. The company headquarters is situated in Aalborg, Denmark, with branches throughout the rest of Scandinavia and a fully owned subsidiary in the United States. The number of installations in Scandinavia and the United States has surpassed 300, primarily within the newspaper industry. Please visit http://www.saxotechonline.com for additional information on SAXOTECH’s business areas and product range.