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Aalborg, August 19, 2004 - SAXOTECH, the leading provider of editorial software for the Scandanavian media industry, has entered into a strategic co-operation with Metropol Online.

Metropol Online is an independent division under Det Berlingske Officin (DBO), the most prominent player in the Danish newspaper market. Through a large number of daily newspapers, internet portals, radio stations, printing houses and free local newspapers DBO has a significant impact on media coverage in Denmark.

This agreement adds a considerable number of newspapers to SAXOTECH’s customer list. Berlingske Tidende, BT, JydskeVestkysten and 30 other newspapers will begin using the Publicus online publishing system (Ed. note - currently called SAXOTECH Online). Many of the newspapers are already part of SAXOTECH’s customer portfolio, as they have already purchased SAXOTECH’s print publishing solution, SAXoPRESS (Ed note - currently called SAXOTECH Editorial).

The strategic alliance between Metropol Online and saxotechonline.comprises as follows:

  • Det Berlingske Officin publishes the company’s online publications by means of SAXOTECH’s web publishing solution Publicus Online Publishing System
  • Support agreement, including hotline support and software updates
  • SAXOTECH takes over all rights to Metropol Online’s present CMS system, Phoenix, developed by Metropol Online.
  • A non-exclusive agreement about mutual marketing of SAXOTECH’s and Metropol Online’s services. That involves common deliveries of online services for media customers, including services such as user registration, design, information architecture, and strategy.

The agreement is expected to result in a strengthening of both Metropol Online’s and SAXOTECH’s position in the market, and the strategic agreement underlines a common wish to establish and promote the most complete solutions for the media companies.

“The news media on the internet only have a few years of experience – and we are far from finished developing new services. Over the next few years it will be necessary to have a close cooperation between software developers and content vendors to find the exact services demanded by our readers and advertisers” says Anders Lassen, CEO of Metropol Online.“The Danish news media are among the leading in the world, when it comes to developing new services and business models, and SAXOTECH is one of the leading vendors of technical solutions. So we hope that a co-operation between the Berlingske group and SAXOTECH will be fruitful to both parties – and in the end to our customers!”

Glenn Allart Andersen, president of SAXOTECH Scandinavia is content with the new relationship. “We are very happy about the new agreement, which means an extended strategic cooperation with the Berlingske group, which has already chosen our print publishing solutions for the main part of the newspapers of the group. Det Berlingske Officin is a very interesting and ambitious company with clear visions when it comes to continued development of a modern media company. The choice of SAXOTECH as our vendor is to us an additional confirmation that our solutions live up to the expectations of the media companies as to both cost effective production and preparing for the future, as we have seen it in connection with the corresponding choices of Gannett and Orkla Media”.

About Det Berlingske Officin

Det Berlingske Officin, also known as the Berlingske group, is a subsidiary of Norwegian Orkla Media. Orkla Media is the fifth biggest media company in Scandinavia and is part of Orkla ASA.

Among the media range of DBO you will find:

- Berlingske Tidende
- Berlingske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin
- B.T.
- Weekendavisen
- Urban
- JydskeVestkysten
- Århus Stiftstidende
- De Bergske Blade
- Berlingske Lokalaviser

In addition, DBO has a range of internet portals, such as jobzonen etc.

About Metropol Online

Metropol Online is Denmark’s biggest internet media company. Metropol Online employs a staff of appr. 90 people, developing and running some of the best web services on the Danish internet. Focus areas are news broadcast, ad market places, city guides and communities.


SAXOTECH develops and markets productivity enhancing software solutions for the media industry. The company headquarters are situated in Aalborg, Denmark, with branches throughout the rest of Scandinavia, and with a 100 percent-owned subsidiary in the United States. The number of installations in Scandinavia and the United States has passed 200, primarily within the newspaper industry. We invite you to visit http://www.saxotechonline.com for additional information about SAXOTECH’s business areas and product range.

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