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E.W. Scripps paper launches SAXoPRESS v6.0
TAMPA - SAXOTECH, a recognized leader in providing content management and online production systems for media companies, is pleased to announce that The Sun (Bremerton, Wash.) has successfully gone live with the SAXoPRESS Editorial System (Ed. note - currently called SAXOTECH Editorial).

The Sun, an E.W. Scripps Co., paper, went live with SAXoPRESS v6.0, integrated with Adobe InDesign CS and InCopy CS.

"The system has been very well received by our staff. It is allowing us to do the things we had hoped," said Jeff Brody, managing editor of The Sun. Brody added that SAXoPRESS' output for web has significantly improved the time it takes and the quality of content moving to their website. SAXoPRESS has also streamlined and improved a number of workflow processes. "Our previous system was a linear system; we couldn't place a story on a page while it was in the earlier stages. Now pages don't have to wait for things."

In addition to the base SAXoPRESS system, The Sun purchased:

• Planning Component: Newsroom planning and budgeting tools, as well as a repository for group calendars, contacts, and story ideas

• Automatic Image Processing: An application for automatically
handling the majority of final pre-press imaging tasks, including color correction and image conversion

"The ad integration is quite robust. It allows us to automate the placement of all the ads for the whole edition with minimal manual input," said Dan Lee, director of IT. "It makes the process more efficient and a lot more accurate.

"We couldn't be happier with the success at Bremerton," said Mark Prokosch, president of SAXOTECH, Inc. "Bremerton was our first InDesign/InCopy integration and it has been a huge success."

Chuck Nigash, AME for Design and Photography at Bremerton summarized his impressions of the SAXoPRESS system:

“Two experiences stand out graphically when I am asked about SAXoPRESS: 1) my own training, and 2) someone else's. I was last in line for training, and when my turn came I was scrambling under a dozen projects and deadlines. I made it to my 3-hour class for the last 90 minutes.

When I walked out of the room, I said to myself "I got it" as if
something magic had happened - and it had. It had taken me more than a month for CCI to have kicked into (mental) gear, but SAXOTECH was as easy as understanding drag-and-drop.”

The second was when I was training a new employee who had never used InDesign or SAXoPRESS. I told her to try not to remember any steps as I sped through the workflow of SAXOTECH and InDesign, but rather see the gist of how the software worked together. Again, I got busy.

I walked back to my desk, having left the new employee alone for 90 minutes, but when I returned she had completed an open-page Business cover. I thought it was a testimony to the seamless transition created by two software companies that were clearly on the same page.

This is proof that pagination does not have to be brain surgery.
Ordering late-breaking stories from the page is easier than getting
takeout at home.

SAXOTECH's workbench is an elegant and artful balance between what works like a database and previews like Apple's Panther.”

The 42-seat SAXoPRESS system replaced The Sun's aging editorial system from P.Ink. The Sun’s SAXoPRESS system was integrated with Managing Editor’s Ad Layout System. Editorial/Pagination is done on Apple Macintosh computers running OS X.

About The Sun
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Today, the award-winning daily newspaper reaches more than 100,000 readers with a strong emphasize on local news, top-notch photography, well-designed content and community-based advertising. The Sun also provides content and advertising services via the Internet.

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SAXOTECH is a recognized leader in the development of cross-media news publishing solutions. Our integrated applications give journalists a complete suite of print and online tools to plan, create, publish and archive the news. Our products include the multi-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System (editorial print production) and the award-winning Publicus Online Publishing System (dynamic, automated Internet publishing). Ed note - Publicus is now called SAXOTECH Online.

More than 300 clients worldwide depend on our software and services to help them meet their multi-channel deadlines and lower their production costs.