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SAXOTECH, a recognized leader in providing content management and online production systems for media companies, is pleased to announce that The Lawton Constitution (Lawton, Okla.) has signed a contract to install the SAXoPRESS Publishing System (Ed. note - currently called SAXOTECH Editorial).

"As with so many things these days, our last newsroom system seemed to be obsolete six months after we implemented it," said Mike Owensby, general manager of The Lawton Constitution. "That was one of the main reasons we chose SAXOTECH over the other products we considered. We feel that SAXOTECH has one eye on the present and the other on future improvements and developments. Because of their foresight, our newsroom system will remain state-of-the art for years to come. That's a partnership worthy of our investment."

SAXoPRESS will be used to publish both The Constitution, as well as the Cannoneer - a weekly publication based in Ft. Sill, Okla. Employees of the Cannoneer will access and use the SAXoPRESS system installed in Lawton, Okla., remotely.

"Everyone at SAXOTECH is very happy that The Constitution has decided to use SAXoPRESS," said Mark Prokosch, president of SAXOTECH, Inc. "Being able to adapt their unique workflow to our system - while removing some of the bottlenecks that they are experiencing today - further demonstrates the flexibility of SAXoPRESS."

SAXOTECH, announced the sale of the 37-seat system, which will include the following components:

  • Base SAXoPRESS System includes the articles Component, SAXOTECH's exclusive text editor, wire articles and wire photos modules, local photos module, layout module and QuarkXPress XTensions
  • QuarkCopyDesk SE integration allows copy editors and reporters to write and edit content to precisely fit the QuarkXPress layouts
  • SAXOTECH's automatic image processor software will automate the process of preparing images for print and Web output

The SAXoPRESS system will replace the Constitution's aging Freedom Systems (FSI) editorial system. The system will be integrated with The Constitution's Layout 8000 advertising layout system.

All of the editorial departments at The Constitution's Lawton, Okla., office - as well as the employees of the Cannoneer - will be converted to SAXoPRESS this fall. The implementation has already started, and the editorial system is expected to go into live production in February 2004.

The Constitution's SAXoPRESS system will be a Windows-based solution. It will be staged on Windows 2000 servers running an Oracle 9 database, with Windows 2000 reporting, editing and pagination workstations.


SAXOTECH is a recognized leader in the development of cross-media news publishing solutions. Our integrated applications give journalists a complete suite of print and online tools to plan, create, publish and archive the news. Our products include the multi-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System (editorial print production), and the award-winning Publicus Online Publishing System (dynamic, automated Internet publishing).

Ed. note - SAXoPRESS is currently called SAXOTECH Editorial and Publicus is currently called SAXOTECH Online.

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