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Company will also preview future releases of SAXoPRESS and Publicus
SAXOTECH, a recognized leader in providing content management and online production systems for media companies, is pleased to announce that it will be demonstrating the new release of the SAXoPRESS Publishing System (Ed. note - currently called SAXOTECH Editorial), featuring Adobe InDesign(r) integration, at NEXPO, the Newspaper Association of America's annual technical exposition and conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 16-19.

The company will also be previewing future releases of its cross-media news production systems.

"SAXOTECH continues to aggressively develop and expand the capabilities of its cross-media publishing software for newspapers," said President Mark Prokosch. "Our goal is to offer the most complete set of tools for online and print news production. We aim to make it very easy for journalists to create content for all media types."

SAXOTECH will demonstrate all of the exciting new features for both SAXoPRESS and the Publicus Online Publishing System, in booth 1159 on the NEXPO show floor.

Ed. note - SAXoPRESS is currently called SAXOTECH Editorial and Publicus is currently called SAXOTECH Online.

To schedule an appointment to see a demonstration of the new software at NEXPO, send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Adobe InDesign Integration

SAXOTECH has integrated Adobe InDesign and InCopy into the currently shipping version of the company's editorial front-end system.

SAXoPRESS R5 users are now able to create pages with InDesign 2.0, and edit text using InCopy 2.0.

According to the vice president of product management Carsten Hansen, InDesign's open, modular architecture, combined with its powerful design and layout capabilities make it a natural choice for newspapers, "Customers in North America and Scandinavia are asking for InDesign, and SAXOTECH has delivered it," he said.

Customers will be able to choose between InDesign running on either Mac OS (including native support for Mac OS X), or Windows computers.

InDesign and InCopy will be offered as an alternative to its existing support and integration of QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk SE, from Quark, Inc. SAXOTECH will continue to enhance and support its QuarkXPress integration.

Cross-Media Publishing

The integration between SAXoPRESS and Publicus has become increasingly more sophisticated over the last nine months. Some of the cross-media publishing features that have been added include:

  • Display Ad Inserts Module: Allows a newspaper to "up-sell" display advertising that appeared in a printed publication as a special type of premium ad placement on a Publicus Web site. These display ad inserts typically see much higher click-through rates than standard banner advertising - sometimes as high as five times the national average.
  • Publicus Web browser client for SAXoPRESS: Customers using both SAXoPRESS and Publicus now have direct access to their SAXoPRESS print production database content through the Publicus Web browser-based editing interface.
  • Online PDFs of newspaper pages: The new PDF Maker add-on for SAXoPRESS will automatically create PDFs of any of the pages being produced and publish them to a Publicus Web site. Publicus will automatically generate links to the full text of the articles on the PDFs.


    At NEXPO, SAXOTECH will preview the next version of the company's editorial front-end system, SAXoPRESS R6, which will feature:

    • New unified user interface: The user interface for SAXoPRESS has been completely redesigned to unify and simplify all the editorial functions into a single, powerful content management "workbench". From one window, users will be able to access all of the system's operations.
    • Mac OS X and Windows XP clients: The SAXoPRESS client software is being completely re-coded to provide native support for the latest operating system technologies from Apple and Microsoft.
      SAXoPRESS R6 will be available for customer installation by the end of 2003.

    About SAXOTECH

    SAXOTECH is a recognized leader in the development of cross-media news publishing solutions. Our integrated applications give journalists a complete suite of print and online tools to plan, create, publish and archive the news. Our products include the multi-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System (editorial print production), and the award-winning Publicus Online Publishing System (dynamic, automated Internet publishing).

    Ed. note - SAXoPRESS is currently called SAXOTECH Editorial and Publicus is currently called SAXOTECH Online.

    More than 160 clients worldwide depend on our software and services to help them meet their multi-channel deadlines and lower their production costs.