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    AT IFRA 2000

    FIRST TAKE of the SAXoTECH/Quark alliance


    At IFRA 2000 SAXoTECH will debute the SAXoPRESS Workflow publishing System release 4.0 along with a major upgrade to the Publicus Web Publishing System.


    SAXoTECH announced at NEXPO a far-reaching technology partnership with Quark, Inc., that will provide SAXoTECH with access to the core technologies not previously available to system vendors and Xtension developers - including the hyphenation and justification.
    The cooperation will reach far beyond the support of Quark CopyDesk SE. Also Quark's evolving core XML support, 3-tier technology, digital assets management, along with Quark's present and future online publishing tools will contribute to SAXoTECH's current and future solutions.

    SAXoTECH is quickly moving to support the new business model of news providers and this agreement supercharges SAXoTECH's focus on producing a new streamlined production environment. Founded on this technology alliance SAXoTECH will shpwcase prototypes of:

    MEDIA TAGS AND XML: SAXoPRESS will soon give users the ability to tag sections of stories for different types of output. For example, an editor will be able to mark one paragraph of a story for a particular print product (perhaps a particular edition), while another paragraph might be written strictly for publication on the Web. This tagging scheme will be implemented using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

    QUARKXPRESS(TM)-BASED COPY EDITOR: To further empower our users and give them the ability to write and edit text to fit the exact layout and hyphenation and justification of a QuarkXPress page, SAXoTECH is building its own Quark-based text editor. Editors will be able to open and work with an exact representation of how that story will appear in print.


    SAXoTECH has extended the system with several new features such as:

    TANSA: Our International customers can now use the sophisticated Scandinavian system for computer-assisted proofreading. Tansa is a server-based dictionary of spelling, grammar, style and hyphenation rules customized exclusively for each customer.

    The adoption of CTP technologies is accelerating. SAXoPRESS now has the ability to send imposition and page pairing information to CTP devices that enable them to automatically produce the proper page pairings on the plates. The system currently supports all the major CTP devices.

    - Integration to PhotoWare for better automatic Imageprocessing
    - New improved Interface - all linked elements in the window
    - SAXoPlan - content and resource planing module
    - Handling of Dynamic jumps and Grouped Elements
    - AdXT - Complete multi Advertising system Integration
    - Improved text editor including -Track Changes,- hidden tags,- Layout Composer
    - Shared editing - more people can edit in amn article at the same time.
    - SAXoBRS Archive - Improved search facilities and search interface

    PUBLICUS 4.0

    The rapid development of our dynamic Web publishing system continues. Since version 3.0 of Publicus was released in early April, several new modules have been created that expand greatly the power of the system for newspapers and online content portals on the Web.

    Among the features now shipping:

    This module lets you publish streaming video and audio on your Web pages through the Publicus server.

    E-COMMERCE MODULE: This module lets create E-shops with links full integration to transaction systems.

    NEWSGROUPS MODULE: This module lets readers of your site post "threaded" messages in discussion forums (similar to Usenet newsgroups

    This module allows you to automatically publish complete, searchable weather reports on your site for any locations that you choose.

    : Several extensions to the Agenda Module have been created that let you build a complete, searchable tourist and activity "guide" for your location on your Web site.

    TRAVEL SERVICE: With this service addition to the Portal Module, it is possible to automatically publish airline, bus, and train schedule information, as well as provide real-time traffic updates for your area. (Requires Portal Module)

    MAPPING SERVICE: With this service, it is possible to provide street-level maps and directions to any location in North America. This service can also be tied to other modules to provide, for example, directions to an advertiser's offices. (Requires Portal Module)

    June 20, 2000
    Quark & SAXoTECH Forge
    technology alliance

    Enables SAXoTECH as the first Media industry developer to obtain an unsurpassed level of integration between QuarkXPress and a workflow management & publishing system such as the SAXoPRESS and Publicus suite.

    "This agreement will allow SAXoTECH to focus on the true needs of news providers," said Werner Elhauge, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.
    "This will help us enhance and our print tools, while we continue to develop outstanding new media tools."

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    April 12, 2000
    SAXoTECH releases version 3.0 of SAXoPRESS Content Managment system and Publicus Online Publishing System...

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    May 4, 2000

    SEYBOLD reviewed SAXoPRESS and Publicus 3.0 at America East:

      1:"Saxotech has done more to enhance its Web publishing than any other company at the show"

      2:"The most notable aspect of Publicus at this stage is its completeness"

      3:"Altogether, it provides the functionality needed for a newspaper to get going with an active Web site"

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