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    The SAXoTECH Scandinavian Media Convention 2000 "Dagbladskonferencen 2000" - August 22-23


    Two Days packed with news, - trends and workshop sessions on the era of NEW MEDIA,
    - and the coexistence between print and online publishing.

    SAXoTECH invites all people in the media industry to get a glimpse of what is in stall for the industry .

The Media House of the Future

Do you and your media house have an interest in knowing what is in store for your Media in the next couple of years? Then don't miss this unique opportunity to get 2 days of input from colleagues and suppliers from all over Scandinavia in the media convention of the year.

Two Days packed with new software, trends and workshop sessions
It will be two action packed days with seminars; workshops where you can get to say your piece, and be heard; User Forums and open house at the Exhibits, giving you a chance to see what a broad range of suppliers to the Media industry can do for you, helping you to a true Parallel Publishing Environment or Rationalize News Production, just to name a few benefits.

The Scandinavian Forum
This year we are inviting Media people from both Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. So you will have rich opportunities to exchange experiences across boarders.

The dawn of Publishing.
And then there is this years secret visit to the oldest Publishing House in Århus. So remember your walking shoes!

When & Where:
This years Dagblads Konference will be August 22-23 in Århus,
the second largest city in Denmark - a beautiful city with a warm and friendly soul. Some even call Århus the smallest metropolis in the world.

The conference will be at the Radission SAS Hotel at the Scandinavian Center in the city center, within walking distance from... well just about everything we are going to show you. So remember your walking shoes!

The price for all this, including entertainment, 1 night
accommodations, breakfast, large lunch buffet, and 3 course conference dinner is only DKK 3.400

Secretary Annette Jessen SAXoTECH A/S Phone +45 96 31 42 00 Fax +45 96 31 42 42


See You There!


Conference Programme Overview in Short:

    Day 1

    Official welcome and introduction

  • SAXoTECH Software and the Strategy for the Future - SAXoPRESS release 3.0 & 4.0
  • Internet Publishing with Publicus - release 3.0 & 4.0
  • MediaBlast future
  • Presentation of Exhibitors
  • Media Trends in Scandinavia (panel discussion)
  • Experience Workshops - This is Your chance to Discuss Experiences and Trends with Media people from across Scandinavia
  • The Newspaper is Dead! -speaks and debate.
  • Visit and Coffee at the oldest Publishing House in Århus.
  • Dinner etc.

    Day 2

  • New Media - Portals, E-commerce, WAP, Cross Media Publishing
  • Long Live the Newspaper! - Speaks and debate
  • Reports from the Workshops - what did we learn!
  • National SAXoPRESS User Forums (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
  • Rationalizing News
    Production - 1 years experience with Layout Driven Production - Pagination
    Plants - Full-automatic pagination - Editorial Planning


SAXoTECH shipped release 3.0 at America East 2000, -
and will ship the crosmedia focused release 4.0 at NEXPO 2000

- click image to see more info.

SAXoTECH offers in release 3.0, - first released at America East 2000 - a revised version of SAXoPRESS, which included features like:

  • SAXoPlan - the Planning center of the Crossmedia production, deeply integrated into the production suite of the Publishing System.
  • Improved Jump handling,
  • Layout production tools
  • Track changes.
  • Improved automated Webpublishing
  • Portal and E-commerce tools

SAXoPRESS Release 4.0
SAXoTECH offers in release 4.0 crossmedia focused oupgrade to SAXoPRESS. Sign up, - and receive the full set of specs.

SaxoTech shows its Web Publishing system, Publicus, designed for medium-size newspapers. The system, which has been available in Europe, is a dynamic database-driven system that supports multi-channel publishing (to browsers, Palm Pilots, phones, etc.) and has strong story indexing and categorization features. The idea is for newspapers to be able to put as much information as possible in front of the users, rather than forcing them to search for it.

The other main selling point of the system is its integration of various Web modules into one system, including good functionality for classifieds, E-commerce, content sales, community publishing, discussion, and polling functions. SaxoTechs uniting of all of these components will make it easier for small- to medium-size newspapers to compete on the Web with larger sites.

Publicus supports multimedia elements, using any ODBC-compliant database,