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Follow-up from DagsVara '99
Danish version

Date: April 20-21, 1999
Place: Essinge Konferenscenter, Stockholm

SAXoTECH A/S had great success at DagsVara 99.

SAXoTECH A/S – the leading supplier of mediaware in Scandinavia – experienced a tremendous interest for SAXoPRESS Publishing System. We met many well-known and new people, who were impressed by the userfriendliness, integration, and cogency of SAXoTECH´s products.

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Among others we demonstrated the SAXoPRESS Publishing System together with the 100% integrated modules SAXoBRS (archive for text, images, and pages), NetNews (publication of images and articles directly on the internet), Image Processor Pro (automatic image processing) as well as SAXoTECH´s solution for Layout driven Production.

In addition to that, SAXoTECH showed a new line of products, which are to be introduced in the near future. Of course, all the products are 100% integrated in the SAXoPRESS Publishing System.

Among the products are the PagePlanner – a page planning tool allowing advanced page planning, such as zoning and ad integration, the ProductionManager – a follow-up on production progress, SAXoPLAN – an integrated planning tool for the editorial staff, working together with the PagePlanner’s editorial planning part, the RobotRecovery - automatic recovery of robots after error situations, which will secure an optimum uptime on robots (e.g. ImageProcessor, receivers, converters)

"At DagsVara we experienced a tremendous interest in our integrated mediaware" expressed Torben Hoelgaard, Sales Director Scandinavia. Torben Hoelgaard further said "We have now sold our system to four Swedish newspapers, and we expect to deliver a lot of solutions to the Swedish market". "Many newspapers take advantage of the possibility of having a demonstration of SAXoPRESS Publishing System at their own premises in Sweden, which will secure a good demonstration and peace to discuss needs and wishes properly" Torben Hoelgaard continued.

The Market manager in Sweden, Jesper Frank, continued by stating "Our editorial solutions, combining traditional newspaper production and layout driven production, are in demand from many Swedish newspapers".

Later this year SAXoTECH will have its own Conference for Daily Newspapers (Dagbladskonferencen) in Aarhus, Danmark. The Swedish newspapers that did not make it to see our system at DagsVara are welcome to visit the Dagbladskonferencen - Jesper Frank added.

For further info, please contact Lars Sørensen

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