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SAXoTECH - Events - Exhibitions - Fachmesse Publishing Market 99

Fachmesse Publishing Market 1999
The Follow-up

Stuttgart, 26-28 April 1999
The Publishing Market ´99 exhibition in Stuttgart Messe Center is the first real step for SAXoTECH into the German market of newspapers’ publishing systems. The exhibition was a big success, though very much a graphic exhibition representing almost any provider within the market of scanners, color printing machines and image handling systems.

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Reactions and comments…
The reactions from the guests at the SAXoTECH booth were very positive and the most common things said about SAXoPRESS referred to the tight integration offered by SAXoPRESS and the user-friendliness that makes creating a newspaper into a game. Other very popular features were the SAXoBRS full-text archiving system and the automatic SAXoImageProcessor, handling images ready to publish in just a few seconds. Many guests concluded that the key products - together with the rest of SAXoPRESS Publishing System - are able to secure the newspaper less tight deadlines, and a very flexible workflow paving a 4 lane highway to a better, more effective and more attractive newspaper for the readers.

søren_golf.jpg (20357 bytes)The only editorial supplier present
Besides SAXoTECH the software side of the exhibition was only represented by a few of the local distributors of non-German editorial system suppliers. This resulted in a lot of attention to SAXoTECH from guests with a special interest in editorial software.

The SAXoTECH booth contained two demo-stations, running SAXoPRESS demos simultaneously throughout the entire 3 days of the exhibition. Besides the continuous line of demos there was also time for fun at the SAXoTECH Open ´99 Mini-Golf tournament with a sports car (miniature) as first price. The number of golf players and golf supporters was uncountable.

See you later…
We would very much like to thank all the guests who visited the SAXoTECH booth, and we hope you will contact us again for a personal demo in your own surroundings. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We look forward to meeting you again on the IFRA exhibition in October in Amsterdam.

Regards: Søren Bak & Enrico Jensen

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