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one of the markets
most integrated
publishing systems,
it handles Articles,
Wirecopy, Pictures
& Pages.

a state of the art
automated image

is used
for publishing
articles and
images directly
to the Internet.

Archiving System
is one of the most
advanced archiving
solutions available.

SAXoLayout XT
for planning articles
directly from an
QuarkXPress page.

gives the complete
functionality via an
Internet browser.

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SAXoTECH - Events - Exhibitions - IFRA Workshop

IFRA Workshop in Darmstadt '99

SAXoTECH A/S demonstrated the SAXoPRESS Publishing System at the Hands-on Workshop in Darmstadt, Germany February 16. - 18. '99 organized by IFRA.

The SAXoPRESS Publishing System – the future of prepress…
The SAXoPRESS Publishing System is the most tightly integrated solution for gathering, handling, processing, and archiving text, images, news agency telegrams, news agency images, and pages with more than 30 highly integrated modules, plug-ins and stand-alone applications. It covers every aspect of editorial production, information management, routing and control, and electronic delivery software, no matter whether the publication is made for print or the Internet or even produced from the Internet.

Visit IFRA
Visit IFRA '99

SAXoPRESS offers the same intuitive user interface, no matter whether you are editing articles, making up pages, publishing HTML-pages, searching databases, processing images…And with SAXoPRESS you are given the freedom of choice concerning platform - you decide whether to use Macs, PCs, or both together in the newsroom - SAXoPRESS is completely cross-platform.

A selection of products we displayed:

Integrated Archiving
SAXoPRESS offers unsurpassed archive and production system integration. SAXoPRESS automatically creates hyperlinks between different archived elements. Because SAXoPRESS automatically archives the different production elements, you can view archived text, images, pages, and graphics as they appeared at the time of publication. Plus, you have full online access to an up-to-date archive via any web browser.

Automatic Image Processing – fully integrated in the editorial workflow
SAXoPRESS’s automatic multichannel image processing product, SAXoImage Processor Pro, attracts attention everywhere…
SAXoImage Processor Pro is the core of the advanced image flow process, from automatic generation of previews, automatic routing via "Hot Folders," to automatic and advanced image processing directly from the page using information from the ImageProcessor QuarkXPress XTension. Each image is processed according to user preferences (crop, size, rotation, darkness, color correction, conversion from RGB to CMYK, etc.) and the origin of the image (agency, scanner, etc.). The entire process is accomplished automatically and without dedicated image processing equipment.

SAXoPRESS @CCESS – a key to the Production System
Access the SAXoPRESS Publishing System using a standard web browser. You don’t need SAXoPRESS software to access SAXoPRESS’s full functionality. Any authorized user can access SAXoPRESS. Imagine how this could simplify your production process and give you unsurpassed workflow flexibility…
For example, a reporter in Washington DC can log onto the newspaper’s SAXoPRESS editorial system in Frankfurt over the Internet and write articles, look at images, and much more.


For further information, please contact
Marketing Coordinator Heidi Heunecke
phone +45 96 31 42 00

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