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Follow-up from NEXPO ´99

SAXoPRESS - a unique integrated multipurpose publishing system - meeting all the needs for print, web and archive today!

SAXoTECH wins award for most Attractive and Creative Exhibit
SAXoTECH was recognized as the brightest and most innovative exhibit. Winning the award was the finishing touch at this year’s NEXPO show, as SAXoTECH made a big splash at this year’s NEXPO in hot Las Vegas with the refreshing new integrated multipurpose publishing system.


The SAXoTECH FriarJune 16, 1999
Las Vegas, Nev. – Four exhibitor’s booths have won awards for creativity and demonstrations of working technology at the Newspaper Association of America’s NEXPO’99, the world’s largest annual newspaper technical exposition and conference, being held June 14 to 17, 1999 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Winners of the NAA Board of Directors Award for the Most Attractive and Creative Exhibit were SAXoTECH A/S (over 1,000 square feet), and TIGRSOFT (less than 1,000 square feet). SAXoTECH, of Bethesda, Md., is showing its SAXoPRESS, an open, cross-platform, fully integrated editorial publishing solution. TIGRSOFT, of Alberta, Canada, is exhibiting its advanced planning and scheduling tools, a client/server-based system that can operate on its own or with existing systems.

Quote from 

Frank Loversky, President of SAXoTECH Inc.,
was overwhelmed by the success

"I´m very exited with the show and the response SAXoTECH is getting. Our new web software suite – Netnews for parallel publishing on the internet and SAXoPRESS AnyWARE and ACCESS for remote production from via a standard web browser were big hits at NEXPO".

Frank Loversky

SAXoTECH’s highlights at this year’s NEXPO show:
Browser access to full editorial functionality in SAXoPRESS

SAXoAnyWare allows browser-based clients to gain access over an Internet connection to the full suite of SAXoPRESS modules. No SAXoPRESS software is required on the remote workstation. You can perform full SAXoPRESS page make-up, image processing, archiving, and production management functions.

A key benefit of this approach is that a wide-area system can be implemented without installing any extra hardware or software at the client stations, while still enabling all personnel to have access to all system functions, including tracking of status (curious – read the press review from Seybold right here)

Reactions from the floor
The main comment from newspaper editors was that now they do not have to stay late to wait for the last reporter to file his story, and the last page to be made. But just fire-up the browser on their home PC and put the paper to bed from there. And all that without extra cost for the newspaper in terms of having a remote system, actually anyone with a PC and a browser could work from home if needed.

Another Java Client
SAXoPRESS @CCESS is SAXoTECH’s latest suite of editorial software tools. The suite of software modules gives the authorized user access to the rich functionality of SAXoPRESS by the use of a JavaClient. The latest in Java technology assures the @CCESS suite an unsurpassed level of functionality for browser-based editorial systems. Users are logged on as real clients in the production system with full interactivity with other on-line users. Along with SAXoPRESS AnyWARE - the high-end solution with unlimited functionality, SAXoPRESS ACCESS offers the casual remote user an inexpensive interface to the SAXoPRESS production system. The client cost is approx. 50% off.

Internet Publishing in Parallel
Outstanding integration between Internet publishing and publishing for print allows editors to publish articles, pictures, and complex page elements to the Internet with just one mouseclick. No extra work is needed. Attached pictures will automatically be processed in order to generate thumbnail and JPEG versions for internet purposes. Generating indexes and ad-booking is also integrated. On top of this you get automated alerts of important updates on selected Web pages and integration to email packages. On of the latest features is the ability to specify the timeframe in which a given story will remain live on the Web-edition of the publication.

InterNet Publishing client enables you to attach banners and additional ads to the automatically published articles. InterNet publishing is tightly integrated with the SAXoPRESS Editorial System, minimizing the need for a separate InterNet newsdesk.

SAXoTECH’s unique Imageprocessor XT gives QuarkXPress users access to highly advanced automatic image processing facilities directly from the page. SAXoImageProcessor Pro is unique within advanced image flow and picture processing. You prepare the images for use on newspaper pages in just a few seconds – and you don’t even have to be an expert to use it…

Archiving tools
SAXoPRESS Archiving System is the most powerful and integrated archiving solution in the industry, with archiving and retrieval of text, pictures, and pages from SAXoPRESS software modules and from Web interfaces.

The archiving system automatically produces live/PDF documents of the archived pages with links to the archiving system. Browsing in the PDF documents enables you to perform additional searches in the database simply by clicking on articles and images in the PDF-document.

Las Vegas Hotel

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