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Stephen B. Waters

"We finally found a crossplatform solution that was full-featured, forward-looking, flexible, easy to maintain and, above all, userfriendly"

Stated by Rome Sentinel publisher
Stephen B. Waters - February 1999 -


We were initially drawn to the because designers of SAXoPRESS had succeeded in integrating essential newsroom functions with a single, simple-to-use interface.

Consider photographs for example. With SAXoPRESS, graphical editorial functions like selection, cropping, sizing, caption-writing, attachment to articles, and placement on Quark pages are built-in and easy-to-use. Meanwhile, other graphical production functions that don’t require editor judgments – like color correction, sharpening and re-sampling for output – have been automated to free editors to do more of the editing they really need to do.

Our reputation for strong local news coverage depends on our ability to build local news pages using the most up-to-date articles right on deadline. To build those pages, the SAXoPRESS layout palette presents editors with a full range of articles and associated graphics to choose from. Newspapers need to be able to adjust design on the fly, when that late-breaking story appears right on deadline. Many other pagination systems, using the magazine model of "design, then write" are ill-equipped to adjust on deadline.

A newspaper like ours, installing its first pagination system, faces procedural and training issues. We were pleased that SAXoTECH staff spent considerable time understanding our formats and copy flow. Then they not only taught us, they taught us enough to teach others on our staff. And after they left, they remained able to connect to our computers over the internet and were only a phone call away.

SAXoTECH is one of the few newspaper system vendors that understand that choice of platform belongs to the newspaper, not the system vendor. They have a scaleable system that accommodates larger or smaller newspapers. They use industry-standard components like QuarkXPress and programming tools that allow introducing added functionality with reasonable ease. We have found SAXoTECH attentive and very interested in refining their programs for the American market.

Our editors are just beginning to paginate our daily newspaper, but they already see the possibilities that the SAXoPRESS system offers them. Our small community will be hosting Woodstock ’99 this year. You can bet that our new SAXoPRESS system will help make our news coverage more timely, more creative, and more profitable.

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Click to see the "big picture"The SAXoPRESS solution for Rome Sentinel Company is a complete file based Macintosh version and includes handling of text, wirenews, images, wirephotos, PhotoBooking, QuarkXPress pages, automatic image processing and fully integrated Internet Publishing with SAXoPRESS Net-News.

The SAXoPRESS solution also contains a complete integrated, digital archive in the form of SAxoBRS for archiving text, images and pages.

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Rome Sentinel Company is owned by the Waters family and is situated in the city of Rome in central New York state, approximately 250 miles from New York City. The Daily Sentinel (broadsheet) has a daily circulation of approx. 16.500. The SAXoPRESS solution comprises an editorial staff of 20.

Editors and writer are able to concentrate on content and not worry about the technology behind the scene...


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