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SAXoTECH -The SAXoTECH Viking Logo

The SAXoTECH Viking Logo

Here are our Viking logo in different sizes, resolutions & formats.
If you need this image for a web page, go for the .gif. If you need the viking as a Photoshop layer which you can work on, download the .psd. (You must ask for our permission before altering the viking logo in any way) If you want the Viking in a printable format (magazine or other publication) get the .eps

Image Download Size Dimensions Resolution Type
Viking Logo.gif (1592 bytes) Viking.gif 1,5 kb 97 x 124
72 dpi .gif
Viking.psd 39 kb 97 x 124
72 dpi .psd
Viking.eps 127 kb 499 x 633   .eps

If you need any other images from our publications
or high-res versions of our website graphics, let us know.

SAXoTECH Viking bottomleft2-nn-6-2.gif (256 bytes)


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