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The ZDNet is an excellent starting point including news, reviews, articles, services and so much more.
At the ZD University you recieve on-line education, get the latest news and in-dept articles at ZD AnchorDesk, or buy what ever you want at the ZD Computershopper.
All in all it's a webmasters choice.

Terrific Statistics
So you want to know how and where the Web is growing? Check out the "Webreference" list of Web statistics and user surveys.

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Starting Point

Bookmark this page (ctrl.+ D on a PC, command + D on a Mac) or use it as your start up page. If you have additional sites which we should take a look at then just mail us


Internet Travel Network
t The Internet Travel Network you can shop for fares on more than 300 air carriers internationally. Make reservations at 33,000 hotel locations around the world. Book your car rental with any one of 50 car rental companies.
Also to be found here is info on maps, destination profiles, discussion forums & an online shop for buying travelling gear.

nline WorldWide Hotel Search & Booking Service.Your gateway to 6,500 hotels worldwide. Offering instant on-line booking ability and information on a range of hotels from luxury to economy style properties.

The Trip
Full-service site for business (or leisure) travel. Users can define a profile that automatically applies your preferences regarding airlines, meals, hotels, and car rentals to any reservations you make. Offers electronic ticketing (where available from suppliers) and flight status information.

An excellent resource for planning a trip or just thinking about being somewhere else, this site offers trip-planning resources, including restaurant and hotel indices, currency converter, travel advisories, and language preparation with useful phrases (including pronunciations) in four languages.

nline worldwide Hotel Reservations.

nline worldwide car rental service.

nline worldwide car rental service.

Aalborg Airport
alborg Airport has information on timetables, weather, flight info, hotels in Aalborg.

Copenhagen Airport
openhagen Airport has news, travellers info, arrivals & departures, service info and much more.

Zagat Survey
The famous Zagat Surveys "America's Top Restaurants" and "Best Meal Deals" cover restaurants in more than 30 destinations. Special feature: a customized search that allows you to pick the perfect restaurant by location, price, cuisine and other criteria.

Currency Converter
A fully interactive feature that computes the exchange rates for the currencies of 100 countries.

Maps & travel

icrosoft'sTerraServer is the world's largest and most detailed atlas. TerraServer contains more than a trillion bytes of compressed aerial and satellite photographs of the Earth.

Lycos CityGuide
se the Lycos CityGuide to explore most of the worlds cities, including info on culture, history, hotels and more.

Travel & Leisure
Travel & Leisure features exciting new travel destinations around the world, weekly updates on travel bargains and invaluable travel advice and information.

Foreign Languages for Travelers
Foreign Languages for Travelers from the Travlang Company teaches basic words and phrases in seven categories for 28 languages, including Icelandic and Esperanto.

Lonely Planet
reat traveling site giving you tips from other travellers, guidebooks, lots of info on destinations and maps covering all the world.

Microsoft Expedia
ook a flight, reserve a room & rent a car. Microsoft's total travelling solution, including travel agents, maps and travel magazines.

How Far Is It ?
istances between cities of the world "as the crow flies".

he biggest travel related site in Denmark. The Travel market has info on all the aspects of arranging your holiday.
ot yet finished, but soon to be Denmark's top adventure travel site.



SAXoTECH's annual newspaper conference held in Rebil Bakker, Denmark. At Dagbladskonferences the Scandinavian market gets the first impressions of whats in store from SAXoTECH, and from many of our partners and suppliers. (page in Danish)

The International Association for Newspaper and Media Technology has served the newspaper industry of the world as a resource in implementing the rapid pace of technological advancements. IFRA unites newspaper publishers as well as suppliers of newspaper technology and systems.

NEXPO®, the Newspaper Association of America's flagship event, is the largest annual technical exposition and conference for newspapers in the world. This show is held every June in the United States and boasts over 200,000 square feet of exhibits and 10,000 participants.

Ipex is the world's premier English-language event for the printing, graphic arts and visual communications industries, and Ipex 98 will mark the launch of many ground-breaking technologies which will make a significant impact to the new millennium.

The joint America West/NNA trade show has a total of 168 booth spaces available. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of qualified buyers from not only the 17 Western states and Western Canada, but also from across the United States as NNA members travel to attend their annual convention and visit the exhibit floor.

For the first time, the Trade Fair for Printed and Digital Information «Publish» is integrated in Orbit as a specialised sector and will be held annually from now on. A central feature is the «Publishing Competence Centre» featuring state-of-the-art topics: Web page design, electronic publishing and electronic commerce, cross media publishing, CD-ROM design and production.

Whether they hail from Denver, Boston, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Rome or Tokyo, today's printers are familiar with DRUPA. DRUPA's identity has actually undergone a radical transformation, reflecting dramatic changes in the printing industry itself. Today we are en route with gathering speed towards the age of information technology.

The wesite for the major german trade fair for technology, communication and IT. Check out the program of the Cebit 99 fair in Hannover, statistics of Cebit 98, links to other german trade fairs, exhibitions and much more


The Newspaper Industry

World Association of Newspapers
Founded in 1948, the World Association of Newspapers (ex-FIEJ) groups 57 newspaper publishers associations in 53 countries, individual newspaper executives in 90 nations, 17 national and international news agencies, a media foundation and 7 affiliated regional press organisations. In all, the Association represents more than 15,000 publications on the five continents.

Newspaper Association of America
The Newspaper Association of America is the unified voice for both continuity and change in the newspaper industry. NAA focuses on strategic issues of vital importance to newspapers: Marketing, public policy, diversity, industry development and newspaper operations. The NAA website has just about everything you ever wanted to know about the publishing and media industry.

NAA Hotlinks
A Gateway to newspaper and other media related organizations' internet sites. US dailies, Canadian newspapers, selected international papers, weeklies, business papers and alternative press can be found.

AJR Newslink
The American Journalism Review is a highly awarded site dealing with the news & publishing industry. The site has more than 8,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, news services and resources worldwide.

Welcome to Newstech On-Line, home of "Production Journal" on the Web. Here you'll find the very latest news about newspaper production around the world plus a series of invaluable resources about newspaper technology.

The Seybold Seminars
Where publishing, technology and media connect.

The Seybold Report
Seybold still is one of the publishing industry's most influential newsletters
The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems looks mainly at print publishing technology, while The Seybold Report on Internet Publishing is about online publishing.

The Cole Papers
The Cole Papers is a monthly newsletter devoted to coverage of technology, journalism and publishing. The emphasis is on professional publishing systems for newspapers and magazines and stories include coverage of the major industry meetings as well as reviews of suppliers and software and case studies of applications at work in newspapers and magazines.

The Newspaper Society
The Newspaper Society, founded in 1836, is believed to be the oldest publishers' association in the world. It represents and promotes the interests of Britain's regional and local newspaper publishers, who own more than 1,400 regional, daily and weekly, paid-for and free, titles.



Other Starting Points
Find the top 100 web sites in lots of different categories, a great place to spend way to much time.
Founded in May 1995, Web21(R) was the first on-line service to rank web sites. Today, Web21 offers the following services: 100hot(TM) web site - a free, directory to the most popular web content ranked by traffic. 100hot Buzz - a unique service that tracks the latest trends on the web by textual analysis of web pages.

The biggest and most visited site on the web. The Yahoo services include Yahoo People, Yahoo Sports and Yahooligans for kids. If you can't find it at Yahoo it's not worth finding...

CNET: The Computer Network is one of the worldwide leaders in technology news and information on the Web.
CNET's network of sites combines breakthrough interactive technology with engaging content and design and is consistently ranked as the Internet's leading content network in terms of both audience size and revenue, serving millions of users each day

The ZDNet is an excellent starting point including news, reviews, articles, services and so much more.
At the ZD University you recieve on-line education, get the latest news and in-dept articles at ZD AnchorDesk, or buy what ever you want at the ZD Computershopper.
All in all it's a webmasters choice.

Wired Digital
offers HotWired, Wired News, Webmonkey, HotBot, Wired Magazine online and Together these sites play a major role on the Internet an they are definetively worth a bookmark.

Home of one of the Web's most complete news, information and entertainment site.

One of the best danish starting point pages, includes internation pages.



The website of the leading news provider of the world - CNN. Make your search from A-Z - you will find something, tha's for sure. Click as well for video and audio clips of the breaking news of the
world, and give your opinion about the breaking news.

Wired News
The complete website if you want to be on the cutting edge of the news situation around the world & around the clock. Name your search, and the relevant articles will appear immidiately. Try also the news overview for today or the last 7 days.

C|Net's Tech News department, first with the computer related news from around the world.

Newsweek magazine Finally has its own Web site, where you can get the breaking news or check out their archives. Newsweek's site includes: Today's Newsweek This section offers daily updates from Newsweek journalists, Top News which offers the latest news from the nation (US), politics (US), and the world, and you can find links to business, technology, entertainment, and sports.

PA NewsCenter
UK's best online news service - get the breaking news from the UK or search for business, cricket, UK now, politics and much more
A leading danish news provider with fokus on danish news stories. Search
on a name, subject og date and check out the latest danish news.




The money$earch website provides you with a wealth of great money related links, 50.000+ business book, stock competitions and much more.
Money$earch Award Winners must provide informative and compelling content to the Internet investor.

The OneStop web site if you are interested in the worlds stock market. Link to 100dreds of stock sites on the web.

The major bank of Northern Jutland where SAXoTECH is located and also a investment partner in SAXoTECH. SparNord among other things gives access to home banking via the Internet.

Encyclopedia of the new Economy
Hotwired Magazine has written this article on what the world economy is coming to, and what all the new words and phrases means.


On-Line Shopping

Buy It On The Web
If you're not already shopping online, chances are you will be soon, maybe in time for the holidays. Here's 43 of the best shopping sites for everything from computer hardware to flowers.Shop till your fingers drop!

Excite Shopping
Here you will find a very extensive shopping collection, choose between shops in many different categories

Everybody knows the biggest online bookshop on the web. Amazon.Com started the whole online shopping wave and they are still on top of how to do business on the web.

CD Universe
The CD Universe was one of the first shops on the web and they still keep up with the best.

The CD Shop
The CD Shop currently contains over 160,000 titles.

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