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This one-stop online help, service and support marketplace is free to join and quickly scans your system for outdated software. is part of the ZDNet family. Site highlights include:
Customized newsletter to notify you when new updates arrive.
Specific sections geared for gamers, developers and drivers.
Easily accessible, running tally of the top 100 updates.

The Internet.Com hosts the "Web Developers Network", a collection of web sites with focus on web development, these include: Javaboutique, Javascriptsource, Webreference, Webdeveloper & the
Search-engine Watch
Which gives you info on all aspects of the leading search-engines, the statistics, the alliances, the history and tips for better search results.

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Starting Point

Bookmark this page (ctrl.+ D on a PC, command + D on a Mac) or use it as your start up page. If you have additional sites which we should take a look at then just mail us

Award Sites

site packed with content, including all the essentials for an interesting place. There's just to much to descibe it all, but take this webmasters word "It's a good place to start your day"

Internet Professional
Publisher Association

The IPPA Design Excellence award is a highly prestigious commercial award given only to the innovative, effective and beautiful web sites.

PC Magazine Top 100
C Magazine On-Line has expanded from 5 categories to 20 to reflect the way the Web is expanding, and in each group, picked the five sites that they feel are best. These subjective selections are made by a large group of PC Magazine editors who spend copious amounts of time exploring every corner of the Web

Cool Site of the Day
very hard to win daily award. Very well known and will help attract visitors, since winners are showcased.

Webbies Award
he Webbie Award is one of the older awards on the internet and one of the harder to win. Their standards are high, but that is it's become known as a quality goal to achieve.

Lycos Top 5% of the Web
Lycos TOP 5% is a selective directory of top-shelf sites rated by some of the Web's most experienced reviewers. Surf Lycos' TOP 5% to find the very best the Web has to offer.

Graphic Resources

Graphics FAQs
You're sitting in your chair...You've achieved perfect inner peace... Then suddenly, it hits you! A FAQ attack! Don't worry, "Webreference" has got you covered. Check out their list of links to the best graphics FAQs out there. Including FAQs on animation, formats, scanning, gamma correction and much more..

The Adobe Homepage
ome of Adobe Systems Inc....
No further introduction needed.

Alien Skin Software
akers of the Alien Skin, Eyecandy & Xenofex Photoshop filters, which are widely recognized as the best filters around.

Here you're going to find a lot of information related to Adobe Photoshop and digital graphics in general. Help yourself to some good shareware in the Plugins section, check out the Tips, Links to the best Digital Graphics sites on the net and much more.

Web Clip Empire
oom's free clipart, photo's, java buttons and animated gif's. A lot of good photo's

Top 3d Artist Ring
This Ring link's together the best professional 3d artists from around the world. Many of these artists have also their artworks displayed at 3D Artists, the largest 3d art gallery on the web.

Johann's Software & Graphics
ohann has a great collection of graphic resource links, one of the places to go if you need info on (or download) Photoshop filters

Cool Archive
Loads of fonts, icons, animations, button maker, Photoshop, html bullets, backgrounds, arrows, sounds, applications, services and much more

ClipArt Links
ike the name says, a lot of links to clipart on the net, be sure to check this out if you're looking for free clipart.



Web Tools

Terrific Statistics
So you want to know how and where the Web is growing? Check out the "Webreference" list of Web statistics and user surveys.

HTML Writers Guild
The HTML Writers Guild is the world's largest international organization of Web designers with over 70,000 members in more than 130 nations worldwide.

The Worl Wide Web Consortium
The W3C was founded in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability. Services provided by the Consortium include: a repository of information about the World Wide Web for developers and users; reference code implementations to embody and promote standards.

Web Guru Jacob Nielsen's website including the alertbox Jakob's bi-weekly column on Web usability. What's the future of the net? Jacob Nielsen tells you.

Webmasters choice. The Website Garage checks and fine-tunes your homepage, including info on browser compitability, dead links, HTML errors, and search-engine readiness.

W3C operates this Validator Service which runs a validation check on your HTML source code.

Site Builder Network
t the Site Builder Network (SBN)
Workshop t the Site Builder Network (SBN)
you'll find the latest
information about Internet technologies,
including reference material and in-depth
how-to articles on all aspects of Web
site design and development. The SBN
is a part of the microsoft network.

C|NET Builder
C|NET Builder is the webmasters best friend, here you will find in-depth discussions about the web and all the small helpers you need to make your page dynamic.

eaturing amongst other things the Internet Guru No. 1 Dr. Jacob Nielsen as a columnist, the Devhead section of ZDnet aspires to be one of the most important sites for web developers. Devhead features an extensive collection of well written articles on coding, design, backend and resources as well as lots of apps, java scripts, tips, faqs and more.

Iconocast is a free weekly e-cast (mail list) that chronicles the Internet’s impact on traditional marketing. It contains data-rich market overviews designed to help readers understand key trends, plus The Jacobyte, an insider column. Iconocast’s in-depth market research, online advertising and e-commerce reports, plus liberal dose of inside information, are designed for interactive marketers, but can also be enjoyed by students of the Internet.

ecklermedia's provides real-time news and information resources for Internet professionals and Web developers. Focused purely on the Internet,'s staff of journalists and analysts creates high-quality content designed to satisfy users' needs for timely Internet news and analysis.

The Internet.Com hosts the "Web Developers Network", a collection of web sites with focus on web development, these include: Javaboutique, Javascriptsource, Webreference, Webdeveloper & the
Search-engine Watch
Which gives you info on all aspects of the leading search-engines, the statistics, the alliances, the history and tips for better search results.

Browser Watch
The leading site for information about browsers, plug-ins and ActiveX controls. We offer breaking news in the browser and plug-ins industry, as well as one of the most complete lists on development of different plug-ins and browsers


Download Areas

One of the first & still one of the best download areas. Choose between a lot of well organized categories of freeware and shareware for both PC & Mac.

Download thousands of programs and applications for both PC and Mac.

A service from CNET: The Computer Network. DOWNLOAD.COM is the source for commercial demos, drivers, and patches, and access to shareware and freeware applications with stimulating and informative editorial.

Formerly Known as, this updated website now offer their award winning resources for all users of Windows types. This is one of the best places on the web to find tips, drivers, patches, shareware and more for your Windows.

This is a great place for Windows and Internet related resources including collections of 32-bit shareware and freeware, commercial software, hardware and books, links, help for Windows 95/98/NT users and web page designers, UseNet newsgroups, tips, e-zines and more!

DevHead Scriptlibrary
If want to use a little JavaScript to spice up your Web design, but don't have time to code, fret no more! ScriptLibrary has literally hundreds of cut and paste JavaScripts waiting for you.
And it's all for free !

Essential updates
Do you have the most up-to-date versions of your favorite applications? Here's how to get it all in one shot: Set your browser to the WOPR Essential Software Updates page, which has a complete list of links to all the major applications around. Check it daily for updates.

IE 4.0 Component Download
Update or install Internet Plug-Ins, if you let it, the Active Setup wizard will check your system to see which components aren't installed at all, and which can be updated.
This one-stop online help, service and support marketplace is free to join and quickly scans your system for outdated software. is part of the ZDNet family. Site highlights include:
Customized newsletter to notify you when new updates arrive.
Specific sections geared for gamers, developers and drivers.
Easily accessible, running tally of the top 100 updates.

Search, browse, and download software from shareware archives and corporate sites across the Net. This includes shareware and freeware programs and commercial programs.

Fresh listings and reviews of all the best freebies that are available on the Net, your One Stop for free stuff of all kinds.

Plug-In Plaza
Here is where you find the links to all of the plug-ins available on the net.




Aalborg Tourist And Convention Bureau
This site is the first place to check before visiting Aalborg, here's info on: Hotels, guide service, amusement and culture, commercial sites, events, sports tournaments, traveling to Aalborg, weather forecasts, galleries, sightseeing,   introduction to Aalborg, practical info and much much more.

By-info (in Danish)
This site presents the most comprising list of cultural events in Aalborg. Here you find a calendar with specifications of each arrangement, an alphabetic list of artists/titles, more specified information about certain arrangements, a short calendar for the main organizers, a film list, a list of galleries including a city map - and a great number of local links. Updates are made nearly every day.

Aalborg Culture & Congress Centre
This center in the middle of Aalborg hosts about 500 meetings, congresses and conferences on a wide range of topics every year. Another important area of activity at the center is exhibitions, and every year a number of Danish and international trade and consumer fairs are held here. In addition up to 150 musical and theatrical events are held every year.

Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum (Danish)
he "North Jutland Museum of Contemporary Art" is located in a building designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Alto. The Museum displays the best of Danish and international contemporary art, and host several special art exhibits every year.

Skråen (in Danish)
If you want music, Skråen is the place to go. At the Skråen homepage you can check out the program and find out who's playing in Aalborg's best music place.

Tivoliland in Aalborg is the oldest amusement park in Denmark, it has charm and charisma, but at also has new amusement rides, like the Loop rollercoaster.

Jomfru Ane Gade (in Danish)
The most famous 250 meters in Denmark is the "Jomfru Ane Gade" in Aalborg where more than 25 restaurants, bars and discotheques lie side by side. This is the entertainment center of Denmark and always worth a visit.

Casino Aalborg
orthern Jutlands one and only Casino is well worth a visit.



Visit Denmark
comprehensive introduction to Denmark and the Danish, you can also get general info on what to do, what to see, calendar lodgings and transportation. The site is part of the Holiday.Com ring, featuring mexican, caribbian, european, american and southern seas destinations.

Destination Denmark
A very detailed and informative description of Denmark and Danish history, culture, society, way of life and much more. A great place to check out before your first visit to Denmark.

Kulturnaut is the biggest Danish cultural & events Calendar, including info on cinemas, music, theater and much more.

On-Line access to Krak's Company or Persons search using the Krak Database. Krak also produces high quality maps of Denmark.
Kraks Export Directory of Denmark is the most used Danish Export Guide and contains multiple possibilities for searching information about Danish Exporters and Danish business life in general.

Medie Nøglen (medier på Nettet)
Danish Media on the Internet contains links to Danish newspapers, magazines and other publications who uses the Internet either as a PR site or as a way of delivering news and info. The Site also has links to the new media sites which have been born on the net.
Webworld Magazine is a Danish publication dealing exclusively with the Internet. At the webworld website you can find all the info from the magazine on-line, complete with website ratings and lots of interesting links.




Internet Movie Database
Sure, you probably don't need to know the names of all the cast members who played ewoks in Return of the Jedi. But you can find out by searching the IMDb. It has other handy info too, like what a best boy really does and it has info on just about every movie ever made.

The best of Racing, Boxing, NFL, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, NBA, Tennis, Nascar, Extreme sports and much more. The place to go for sports news, rumors and inside information on all the major sports events.

Deja News
ere's the only Web site where you can read, search, participate in and subscribe to more than 50,000 discussion forums, including Usenet newsgroups. Deja News is an incredible resource for finding people with similar interests and getting answers to all sorts of questions.

Check out what you can do with Macromedia Shockwave and Flash.
The website also has links to the web's most stunning and innovative dynamic homepages.

National Geographic
A very time consuming website, you could just take an hour once in a while, but there's so much to see here.

You know the TV channels, now try out the website. Live, real-time adventures, games, Feature stories, animal cams and the Discovery shop, where you can get all the Discovery merchandise.

djacency is a full service Web strategy, design and development firm specializing in creating category leading Web presences for well known global consumer brands such as Apple, Motorola, Caterpillar, TAG Heuer, Land Rover, Rollerblade, Patagonia, Lufthansa, PowerBar, Salomon, ESPRIT and more.

f you're a golfer you probably already know about this website, otherwise try it out, SAXoTECH's top golfers recommend it.

Savell On-line Tests
Online IQ test, Jungian personality test, measurement of Entrepreneurial Quotient and links to all kinds of other tests on the internet

Magellan Search Voyeur
Ever wonder where people are going on the Web? A neat snooping tool is Voyeur by Magellan. Every 15 seconds it refreshes a random list of search keywords entered by the public at large. You'll be surprised by what people are actually searching for.

Name Finder
ind-O-Matic is a name finding machine. You can call up names based on gender, religion, ethnicity, and syllables.
Use the Popularity Finder if you want to know how popular your child's name is? Or if you're looking for a name that very few people have?
What's in a name? This feature will tell you. All you need to do is enter the name of which you would like to know the origin.

If you want to make sure that your daughter's new boyfriend doesn't have
a criminal record, consult CopNet.
It has links to police agencies all over
the world plus links to the Most Wanted Web sites and guides to Law Enforcement Resources, Cults, Satanism, terror- ism, missing persons, most wanted, online police scanner and much more.

Offer a free Web-based calendar, to do list and private discussion groups. Wherever you are, from anywhere on the Internet, you can view and modify your information. A very useful tool for groups from around the world working across time zones.



Brunching Shuttlecocks
"Comedy, pure and simple as a hammer to the forebrain", thats how this site describes itself. It's fun...

Calvin & Hobbes
The official Calvin & Hobbes homepage.

The Dilbert Zone
No further introduction needed, this is The Dilbert Zone, your boss' worst nighmare.

Game Info...
GamePro, GameSpot, GameZone, GameGuides, IGN PC, Adrenaline Vault, GameCenter, PlayTesters, PC Gameworld, GameSages

The largest game search engine on the net.....probably

ali is the world's largest Internet gaming network enabling Internet play of the most popular multiplayer games for over 200,000 players, on more than 600 servers in 65 countries.

Internet Gaming Zone
The Leading Internet Gaming Zone hosted by Microsoft. This is one of the best places to join multiplayer internet gaming.

Fun People
othing on the net is more fun than reading Peter Langston's Fun_People mailing list, with net news and wisdom, humor, fun facts and surprises every day. Fun People is an edited humor list.
The only emails that are distributed
to the Fun_People list are the e-mail
letters that Peter Langston thinks are funny and/or interesting ... and Peter is an EXCELLENT editor.

Read the tales from the computer tech's, the modern every day heroes. This is their secret oasis where you can get all the craziest stories about computer challenged people and their mishaps. True stories dramatized and re-enacted for the web and your pleasure. Top story right now...The woman who wanted a new Internet!! She was bored with the web she had.

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