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Editorial Systems With a New Twist

By David Finnerty and Mark Toner
Two decades ago, running an editorial system on anything other than a monolithic front-end would have been unthinkable. Now consider handling a day´s worth of newspaper text and images using a ubiquitous office program - or a Web browser.
Unthinkable? No longer.

For the past several years, manufacturers of pre-press tools such as raster-image processors have introduced software allowing users to monitor progress using Web browsers instead of expensive, proprietary software applications.

But SAXoTECH (Booth 223) now allows reporters and editors to browse, edit, format and file copy from a Web browser, and soon crop and edit images and assign stories and images to pages. SAXoTECH's SAXoPRESS @ccess modules have the same functionality - and in fact, look the same - as its traditional browsing and editing modules.


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  ...If you can
  find any type
  of computer
  that handles
  Netscape, you
  can do...
  pretty much
  anything you
  can in the
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The end goal? “If you can find any type of computer that handles Netscape, you can do... pretty much anything you can in the newsroom,” explains SAXoTECH's Lars Halkjaer. Everything, that is, except page design, at least for now.

The tool driving such innovation is Java, a Web-based programming language that can run on any kind of computer. A relatively simple development tool, it still lacks some funtionality but holds long-term promise.
“It started us thinking in the direction of a fully interactive editorial system,” Halkjaer says.

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Tuesday, June 23, 1998, page 7. Copyright TechNews 1998.
Extract from TechNews NEXPO´98 Show Daily



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