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Challenge of the European Gladiators

Same database for print and Web.
Another issue receiving considerable attention at the show was the way system vendors are addressing the need to use the same content database for both print and Web delivery. We found numerous systems that make it possible to treat the Web as another edition of the newspaper, thereby simplifying database issues as well as staffing questions. We saw good efforts here by three of the European vendors: CCI, SAXoTECH and Unisys. Each of them has developed a way to use standard Web-design tools to build templates for creating Web pages, which are held within the editorial database, allowing for any journalist on the system to build both print and editorial pages from the same content. All of these systems
allow for easy creation of Web pages, as do too many other systems to itemize them here.

[...]Challenge of the European gladiators
We´ve been writing for years about the migration of European vendors across the Atlantic. The trend continiues at an even faster pace. The Lineup of Europeans targeting the U.S. market continiues to grow, as this quick rundown illustrates.

One interesting new development in this regard relates to the Morris subsidiary company, Stauffer Media Systems. At Nexpo this year, Stauffer introduced the Voyager database archiving system, built predominantly around SAXoTECH´s technology and Internet access software from Stauffer. This looks to be one of the best archive system we have seen. Based on the level of interest we observed in the SAXoTECH booth, we expect to see a number of sales consummated with North American publishers following Nexpo.

arrow-14-3.gif (186 bytes)
...This looks to
  be one of the best
  archive systems
  we have seen
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July 27, 1998 (Extract of Article p.10-11)



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