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Newsroom productivity gets a boost

Two decades ago, runnung an editorial system on anything other than a monolithic front end would have been unthinkable. Recently, client-server systems using such standard programs as Microsoft Word and QuarkXPress have become the rule.

Now consider handling a day´s worth of newspaper text and images using a ubiquitous office-productivity program - or a World Wide Web browser. Unthinkable ? No longer. A stroll around NEXPO´s pre-press area showed that editorial products took a close second to classified systems in terms of interest.

For several years, manufacturers of pre-press tools such as raster-image processors have introduced software allowing staffers to monitor jobs using Web browsers instead of expensive proprietary software.

But Danish editorial system developer SAXoTECH now lets reporters and editors file, browse, edit and format copy from a Web browser. Soon, they´ll be able to crop and edit images as well as assign stories and images to pages.

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  ...SAXoTECH now lets
  reporters and editors file,
  browse, edit and format
  copy from a Web browser...
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SAXoTECH´s @ccess modules have the same functions and appearance as its Windows and Macintosh modules. The goal? “If you can find any type of computer that handles Netscape, you can do...anything you can in the newsroom,” explained Lars Halkjaer, SAXoTECH´s market-development manager.

Intended now as a way for copy editors to occasionally work from home or reporters to typeset and file stories form the road, the system could conceivably create a virtual newsroom free of proprietary tools and connected only by the Internet.

The tool driving such innovations is Java, a Web programming language that runs on any kind of computer. “It´s starting us in the direction of a fully interactive editorial system", Halkjaer said.

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Copyright "Nexpo´98 Review", 1998 p.14
(A supplement to "Presstime", July/August)



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