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A cup of Java

SAXoTECH, a Danish supplier of editorial and archiving systems, also has a web interface based on Java.
Jacob Lauritzen, the company’s aptly titled innovation manager, said the goal is to have the same interface and functionality as the standard client. The application is written in Java and runs on an Oracle database on a Windows NT web server.

SAXoTECH’s product goes the same route as CKP’s Millennium to get around the browser limitation of one window per browser, using tabs on the various applets.

In the standard Windows MDI, or multiple document interface, several documents can be open within a single window, making it easy to switch among them while conserving screen space and resources. Browsers, on the other hand, can support only a single window; to see multiple documents at once, multiple instances of the browser must be opened. Some developers get around this by creating tabs on their pages, allowing a user to move from applet to applet within a single browser window by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Page layout on the SAXoTECH system remains in QuarkXPress because, Lauritzen said, it made little sense to move Xpress into a browser. “We’re not going to put page layout into the browser,” he said, “but writing and photos work fine.”

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