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SAXoTECH is doing well - The company has just received an order for Dubai newspaper.

From August 25 to 26 SAXoTECH arranges the Newspaper Conference in Rebild, Denmark. It is the third time the company is in charge of a few days with a 100 per cent focus on the newspaper business, but this year they will probably convene the conference with particularly great pleasure.

Things are going very well with the company. The newest customer abroad is the English-language newspaper Gulf News in Dubai. It is the biggest newspaper in the United Arab Emirates and the order has been landed together with the German company Vision GmbH.

Focus on Scandinavia
But the Scandinavian market has not been forgotten. Within the past six months SAXoTECH has established a sales group with focus on Scandinavia. It counts 5 persons and is headed by Torben Hoelgaard, Scandinavian Sales Manager.

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- Ever since the beginning of our cooperation in April last year with our Norwegian partner, Luth Grafisk, also attending the conference, we have sold 8 complete systems in Norway, and in Denmark the group Århus Stiftstidende is one of our latest customers, says Market Developer Lars Halkjær.

U.S. presence
In the U.S. SAXoTECH aims at continued growth as well. As described previously they have received an order for 2 test installations.

The ambitions on the American market are big and in the fall they are going to establish a U.S. subsidiary. In addition, they are going to establish a 24 hour service in Denmark, which means that the time difference will no longer be an obstacle to support across the Atlantic.

Later on the company is aiming at going public.

By Henrik Malmgreen

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Copyright DTP – Grafiske Medier, August, 19. 1998. No. 8



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