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SAXoTECH on the move
- Largest sale ever goes to Danish group

SAXoTECH gained the Århus Stiftstidende order over Atex (which supplied the group’s advertising system) and CCI Europe, which is located in the same city as the group...

...The latest Danish sale is to Århus Siftstidende, which ordered a large SAXoTECH system running under NT with an Oracle database. It will be used by the three newspapers belonging to the group: Århus Stiftstidende, Randers Amtsavis  (a SAXoPRESS user since 1996) and Dagbladet Djursland. The system will include more than 200 workstations, which makes it the largest SAXoPRESS installation so far.

The order was signed after the newspaper compared the SAXoTECH offerings with those from Atex (which already has supplied the group with an Enterprise advertising system) and CCI Europe. It is interesting to note that Århus Stiftstidende is situated in the same city as CCI Europe, which provides SAXoTECH with extra satisfaction about receiving  the order. The SAXoPRESS configuration will replace systems from ND Comtec and CPS. In addition to the SAXoPRESS modules for text input, editing and page production, the order includes the NetNews module. This is used for publication of the daily newspaper  on the Web as well as the SAXoBRS Archive system for the archiving and searching of text, images and pages (in PDF format) in one and the same system. This system is based on the BRS full-text retrieval engine with the addition of client software from SAXoTECH.
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The system contains SAXoTECH’s newly developed Perfect-Match server, supporting layout-oriented work. This enables a journalist to write and adjust his article with 100 per cent accuracy in relation to the space available for the article in question without having access to the page.

In addition, the order includes tight integration between the SAXoPRESS system and the Atex Enterprise advertising system. This means that ads will be booked and placed on the pages in the Enterprise system, which also means that the newspaper format will be defined in the advertising system. The ad dummies will then be transferred to the editorial system, where editorial pages will be created automatically in XPress. The finished ads also will be placed automatically on the pages based on the dummy.

Delivery of SAXoPRESS systems has already started, with full-scale production expected to begin by year-end.

Besides sales in Denmark, SAXoTECH has sold and delivered five systems in Norway and has one more on order. One of them is the first SAXoPRESS system with a database, installed at the Norwegian newspaper Agderposten. The database servers run under NT. Agderposten (circ. 26.000) publishes 24 tabloid pages daily and an additional 12 broadsheet pages on weekends.

New venture capital.
SAXoTECH has received 19.4 million Danish Kroner ($2.9 million) in new funding, supplied by 26 of its employees and the venture capital firms Erhvervsinvest Nord and Novi, Dansk Udviklingsfinansiering and Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring. The capital will be used for continued product development and international market expansion.

With an order backlog of more than 25 million Danish Kroner ($3.7 million), the increased share capital equips SAXoTECH for continued product development and market expansion. The goal is a surplusfinanced growth and a possible public stock offering.

U.S. sales office.
The board of SAXoTECH has already decided to open an office in the U.S. in order  to gain closer, daily contact with the North American market. The decision is also a result of the positive reaction SAXoTECH claims to have gotten on the American market. The new office, staffed by about seven sales and technical people, will be running by Nexpo.

New European organization.
Because of its market success SAXoTECH has reorganized Europe. Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) is now a separate market headed by Torben Hoelgaard (former market manager for Denmark).

The rest of Europe is headed by Niels Grinsted (previously market manager for Scandinavia). Grinsted is responsible for establishing SAXoTECH’s position in the Benelux countries, Switzerland and the UK, as well as other European countries in the future.
Werner Elhauge, company founder, oversees sales in all markets.

SAXoTECH attended the recent WONA exhibition in Manchester, UK, as the start of its penetration of the UK market. To launch its bid in the U.S., it will attend the Nexpo show in Orlando, FL (booth 223).

- from Urban Jönér in Sweden

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