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…All these dog hunts…

…So it´s the four-star deadline and you need to know where all the elements are that have to go into that edition, and you´ve only got a web browser to track these elements down. With Voyager SXT from the Stauffer Media Group of Joblin, Mo., it´s no problem, since any standard browser can be used in conjunction with this system.

arrow-1.gif (186 bytes) could very
    well be the
    next big thing...

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Voyager SXT breaks down the paginated Quark Xpress page linking photos and other graphics, with articles and images automatically converted into links. The prepared data are then processed to create page images and previews of archived photos. This element tracking software is so good that SAXoTECH A/S of Aalborg, Denmark, decided that having use of an editorial system through a web browser was more than a good thing, it could very well be the next big thing.

After developing the Voyager SXT software that Stauffer markets, which uses the Internet for searching an archive, SAXoTECH found through the use of modules written in the operating-system independent Java language that a user with no SAXoPRESS editorial system software can log onto the editorial system with an Internet browser and write a story or check photos. Few words are needed to explain why this idea would seem appealing to newspaper publishers.

If a SAXoPRESS system based on Java applets and dubbed @CCESS could allow reporters with notebooks to write stories without any SAXoPRESS software on their computers, this would be like getting something for nothing. But this Java-based platform independence comes with some caveats.While Internet Explorer 4.o.x or Netscape Navigator 4.03 can run on a PC with a Java patch, only Internet Explorer 4.o.x supports Java JDK 1.1, used to turn web browsers into a veritable Swiss Army knife of cross-platform element tracking.…

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Copyright The Cole Papers vol. 9, no.9, September 1998.
Extract from: Page element trackers can hunt, shoot and meet deadline


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