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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - In the Press - SAXoTECH Replaces CText system in Rome, NY

SAXoTECH Replaces CText
system in Rome, NY

First U.S. Customers after loss of Morris
Right on the heels of losing its system order from Morris Communications, SAXoTECH has announced another customer to give it a U.S. presence: the Rome Sentinel Co. of Rome, NY. The Sentinel will install a 20-user SAXoPRESS editorial system to produce The Daily Sentinel (circ. 16.500), The Sunday Sentinel and the monthly magazine PrimeTime.

The system, which will replace a CText system, will be based on Macintosh computers and handle wire service text and photos, Xpress for page layout, automatic image processing, fully integrated Internet publishing with SAXoPRESS NetNews, and the SAXoBRS integrated digital archive for storage of text, images and pages.

The Sentinel publisher, Stephen B. Waters, said he chose SAXoTECH because it was a "cross-platform solution that was full-featured, forward-looking, flexible, easy to maintain and, above all, userfriendly"

The installation is taking place in January and February, concurrent with the opening of SAXoTECH Inc. in Bethesda, MD

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Volume 28, Number 9, 1999. "News from the newspaper world"


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