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SAXoTECH premiere

(Article in German)

SAXoTECH, according to their own information Scandinavian market leader, use the PUBLISHING MARKET for their first appearance in Germany. At present SAXoTECH has distributors in Switzerland and Benelux, and a subsidiary company in the US. SAXoTECH expects to be represented by a distributor in Germany before the end of the first half of 1999.

With SAXoPRESS SAXoTECH shows a publishing system with more than 30 integrated modules, plug-ins and stand-alone applications. It covers all aspects in the editorial production, information administration, routing and control, and electronic transfer, no matter whether the publication is for print or for the internet, or even produced on the internet. SAXoPRESS offers the same intuitive user interface, no matter whether you are editing articles, making up pages, generating HTML pages, searching in databases, or processing images. SAXoPRESS works cross-platform.

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Copyright DeutscherDrucker nr.14-15
April 15, 1999


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