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- October 13, 1997
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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - Amsterdam, October 13, 1997

GraphicArt and SAXoTECH in
Exclusive Marketing Agreement

SAXoTECH A/S & GraphicArt announced today at the IFRA´97 Exhibition that they intend to enter into an exclusive marketing alliance for Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

The objective of the exclusive marketing alliance is that GraphicArt is to market SAXoTECH's editorial production system - the SAXoPRESS Publishing System - to the newspaper industry in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

GraphicArt is the best possible partner we can get to take care of Switzerland and Lichtenstein. GraphicArt is not only a respected supplier to the publishing industry in Switzerland, GraphicArt also has years of experience within our field - editorial production and pagination systems - said SAXoTECH's Managing Director, Werner Elhauge earlier at the signing of the Letter of Intent. The Partner Agreement between SAXoTECH and GraphicArt will be signed later this month.

SAXoTECH is the best kept secret. This company is young, very innovative, strong in development and has a great market share in Denmark. And they are entering the U.S. market and going to be very active in the rest of Europe. We believe that with this expansion of our product portfolio with the products of SAXoTECH we have the best possible combination that will fit the market of Switzerland said René Lutz of GraphicArt .

The SAXoPRESS Publishing System has all the facilities needed for the editorial production, including layout driven full page electronic pagination, automatic imageprocessing from the page. Most importantly, the SAXoPRESS system supports Apple and Windows platform in a fashion never seen before.

Headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, SAXoTECH is the market leader in Denmark with its editorial system SAXoPRESS Publishing System. Within just 4 years SAXoTECH has made 17 SAXoPRESS installations in Denmark. During the past 4 years SAXoTECH's SAXoPRESS Publishing System has become the most widely used full-electronic editorial newspaper system in Denmark, with more than 50 installations ranging from 5-173 workstations. 41 out of 42 Danish dailies use systems from SAXoTECH every day. Furthermore, SAXoTECH dominates the Danish market for transmission and communication of text, images and graphics with SAXoWirePhoto Gateway.
SAXoTECH's declared goal is to be on the cutting edge in the industry through close cooperation with newspapers world wide, using and providing the best in software technology.
At the moment the SAXoPRESS Publishing System is sold in Denmark, and through distributors and direct sales in Norway, the rest of Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India and the Middle East. Subsidiaries are on the way in USA and Germany. Several other markets are under development.

About GraphicArt
GraphicArt was founded in 1985 and is located in Bern, Switzerland. GraphicArt is a sales and service organization for solutions for the PrePress publishing industry. GraphicArt's organization is fully equipped for maintaining and supporting the needs and wishes for the publishing industry. GraphicArt has a strong team of specialists, experts and technical staff. And because of their long experience in newspaper business they can deal with all the needs of any publishing house. GraphicArt believes in long-term business with its customers and their business partners. Some of GraphicArt's business partners for the PrePress are: Autologic, Nikon, Scitex (Leaf and IRIS), CCI and Harris. We are excited to extend this line of products with SAXoTECH's.



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