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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - Aalborg, September 11, 1997

SAXoTECH Sells Total Editorial Solution

SAXoTECH just signed an Agreement with A/S Sjællandske Dagblade in Denmark for the delivery of a SAXoPRESS total solution on a Mac platform. The installation totals 70 editorial workstations at the Danish Newspaper Group, Sjællandske Dagblade's two dailies: Næstved Tidende and Sjællands Tidende, and at the groups three weeklies.

SAXoPRESS Publishing System has all the facilities needed for the editorial production, including full page electronic pagination, automatic imageprocessing from the page. Furthermore, the total solution also contains SAXoTECH's new archiving system for archiving and search for text, images, graphics and pages in the same system - the SAXoBRS/Search Archiving System, running on the BRS/SEARCH™ database.

The solution for Sjællandske Dagblade will be a WAN solution, so that the newspapers' remote newsrooms are to be on the same network as the main newsroom in Næstved. This means that every journalist and editor will be online with the main newsroom all the time from any workstation at any location. This means that no matter where you are you will have online access to see the day's images, wirenews, searching the central archive for text, images, graphics and pages, and at the same time be able to send in the day's articles and images for pagination at the main newsroom.

Why Choose SAXoPRESS
When asked why SAXoTECH was chosen as supplier Managing Director Bent Maigaard and Managing Editor Søren Baumann said: We have made the agreement with the company that develops the system. We already had SAXoTECH's image system in house. It is our opinion that SAXoTECH has the greatest experience doing installations in Denmark. The firm's competence on both the software as well as the educational front is also convincing.

Headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, SAXoTECH is the Danish market leader providing fully integrated prepress-solutions for newspapers. SAXoTECH's declared goal is to be on the cutting edge in the industry through close cooperation with newspapers world-wide, using and providing the best in software technology.

SAXoTECH is the market leader with its editorial system SAXoPRESS Publishing System. With the sale to Sjællandske Dagblade, the SAXoPRESS Publishing System will within a short period of time be installed at 17 (or 40%) of the Danish dailies. Furthermore, SAXoTECH dominates the Danish market for transmission and communication of text, images and graphics with SAXoWirePhoto Gateway.

SAXoTECH is the only company which has sold an editorial solution to any newspaper in Denmark this year. Earlier this year SAXoTECH sold a SAXoPRESS editorial and pagination solution for the newspaper group De Bergske Blade's four dailies plus total SAXoPRESS solutions for both the daily Herning Folkeblad and Medie Centeret Hillerød. In Norway SAXoTECH has so far in 1997 sold total SAXoPRESS solutions for both Romerikes Blad and Røyken & Hurums Avis.

In August, SAXoTECH signed with the Danish financial paper Børsen for the delivery of a new image archive. The image archive is a stand alone part of the total archive system for both text, images, graphics and pages, which so far has been bought by Sjællandske Dagblade and already has been installed at Vendsyssel Tidende.



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